The best investment in my business this year

Clare and I have been having so many wonderful chats with you beautiful people over the last week about taking your business to the next level.

Personally, I’m really proud of the coaching model we’ve created at Ask Harriette. We’re one of the few company’s who can work with you on your business right from idea, to start up, to your first paying clients, to scaling and to 6 figures and beyond; ALL with 1-1 available at each level, with a price point to suit each level. 

No matter where you are on your business journey, you can get tailored, strategic support in a private setting at an accessible investment. And with copywriting and tech add ons available you basically get to hire us as a ready made team. A business strategist, a mindset coach, a growth expert, a marketing manager and a tech genius all in one, from only £444. 

Tomorrow will be the last day to take advantage of a 1-1 coaching spot with either myself or Clare. So I wanted to drop in this afternoon and share with you what some happy clients had to say, plus exactly what you can expect from our sessions…

“Working with Mia has been incredible for me and my business. At the start of our time together I had a couple of blogs and the intention of setting up a business, but I had serious blocks about taking the steps. With Mia’s help I now have a full website set up, a work with me page and an email campaign. I have more certainty in what I am doing and a belief in my capabilities. Being held accountable weekly and having someone to work things through with, condensed the amount of time it would have taken me to reach this point. I could have been working and procrastinating for months before even starting to make the progress I achieved in just 1 month with Mia. Thank you so much for your help!” 

Louise Darby

Working with Mia as been the best investment in my business this year. She has truly helped me to a new level. Holding the space, asking the right questions, helping me undercover the reason for upper limiting and heal the wounds. Mia is warm, caring and super sharp. She has helped me with my mindset, upper limits, strategy for growth and launch of my next level online course, energy and helped me see all the things I create from my high vibe. If you’re looking for a coach be smart and sign up with Mia. And Mia, thanks for the bottom of my heart.”

Pernille Birkenfeldt

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Mia. We clicked instantly, and I felt her blend of strategy and spiritual insight helped me launch my business. She understood me and my desire for a Soul aligned business.”

Louise Jones

“My time of working with Clare has been such a help in bringing me back to my own inner knowing and inspiring me to continually take action from my soul. Her introspective questions and accountability coaching has been invaluable as I stretch to new levels of personal and professional growth”
Esther Lambright

“Working with Clare these past few months has brought the focus I needed to my business plan.  She brings the wisdom of a spiritually guided entrepreneur and mom to each conversation so I know that she understands where I am coming from.  She asks the important questions that let you know that she honestly desires you to succeed in your business as your most authentic self.”
Lynn Neihaus

If you’re standing on the edge of your next level, knowing you need the right  support of someone who will have your back, guide you to the most aligned strategies that work for YOU and lovingly hold you accountable to reaching your goals – sign up for and Angel Coaching Package here

We can work together to…

🌹 Upgrade your mindset 
🌹 Eliminate your fears
🌹 Map out your business strategy or career growth plan 
🌹 Create or upgrade your marketing and messaging 
🌹 Learn how to launch the Ask Harriette way!
🌹 Spot the financial leaks that are slowing you down and move you to your next level of abundance 
🌹 Heal relationships with yourself, your money and the world!
🌹 Break your self sabotaging cycles 
🌹 Authentic desire and manifestation 
🌹 Create more visibility and own who you truly are


Want to take 20 minutes to chat about the exact type of magic we could weave together? Book yourself in for a discovery call here


Love always,