The Balance



Connected to water. Connected to land.

Connected online. Connected inside.

Connected to masculine. Connected to feminine.

Connected to the human. Connected to the Divine.

Connected to the noise. Connected to the silence.

In. And Out. Up. Then Down. All in perfect balance.

We are balance seekers. We want it all. We can have it all. In the balance.

Deep self honouring. Deep self knowing.

All the signs are right there in front of you.

From the way you’ve decorated your home, to the films you watch, the books you read, the headlines that cross your path, the people you surround yourself with, the narratives that come on to your radar, the colour of your toothbrush, the way you cut your hair, your choice of routine, choice of food…. your external world is a mirror highlighting your internal world, your desires, and your next steps. 

It’s all there, right in front of you. Beckoning you to decipher your own signs, learn your innate wisdom, and master your energy to create MORE of what you truly desire.

Take a moment to stop still in the moment you drink in this message. Look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Are you aware of your own heart beat? The rise and fall of your breath? Do you see the life you’ve created for yourself right in front of your eyes?

Listen to the beat of your heart. Listen to the whispers of your Soul. 

Where do you need MORE balance?

Today is the Equinox, on both sides of the hemisphere, we celebrate the divinity of balance.

Before the wheel turns, before the scales tip, take a moment to sit in the balance. 

As mirrored to me this morning by my mentor

The script is about to get flipped ;)

Happy Equinox my angels, it’s time ?

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September 22, 2020