The Art of Offer Seduction

I see you there, waiting for more details on Offer Queen… here they come!!


What even makes a GREAT offer? Here are some things you need to consider:

But first, some context

Are your audience already wet for it? Are they primed and ready for what you’re about to drop? Or is it the kind of surprise that no one asked for, no one wanted and no one is particularly bothered about?!

You prime your audience by glowing up in the embodiment of what you’re about to sell to them and talking to them about it every day! The biggest mistake I see here is people thinking they’re going to bore their audience if they keep talking about the same thing constantly, no, you’ve likely not talked about it enough!! Remember people have their own lives, it might feel like you’re a broken record in your little corner of the world, but in theirs, you’re just one 15 second snippet of their day, talk about it more!! Get them thinking about you when you’re not around – that’s the BEST type of flirting right?!

Is it clear what the transformation is? like P A I N S T A K I N G L Y clear? Not like you hid it in a caption 4 posts back? Or mentioned it in passing on a story last week?

You don’t need to find 12,000 different ways to say the same thing. We already realised people aren’t hearing it as much as you think they are, find a way to communicate the transformation that really packs a punch and REPEAT it!!

Have you provided inarguable evidence that what you’re offering is something you’re an embodied expert in? So that there’s not even a question as to the potency of what it is you’re offering?!

Basically, are you living, breathing, eating, sleeping and fucking what you teach? Is the evidence of it dripping all over your life in a w
ay that says “come get me, I’m ready to share”  

Offers that sell well have a shit ton of context, all of which comes from your framework, i.e. who you are, what you stand for, what you’re here to do. Your framework is woven so clearly in to your brand and your content, that when you drop an offer, it’s a total no brainer for your audience. Drop a bit of sales magic on top of content and offer magic and you’ve got a bullet proof business strategy!

In Offer Queen, I’m stripping this strategy right down to it’s birthday suit so you can get to know every intimate detail of what it looks, feels and sounds like before you put your own spicy twist on it and make it yours!

This is the HOW behind consistently creating offers that fly off the shelves and have your audience actively checking your social channels to keep up with the latest release, credit cards at the ready! 

If you’ve got killer content and an aligned, engaged audience, this is the next step to leveraging that content into actual offers and packages that increase your cash flow every single month. It’s the difference between posting a couple of times about something, then getting deflated and giving up when no-one bites, to knowing EXACTLY how and when to spray the internet with your irresistible transformation and writhe in ecstacy as the
y lap it up!!

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