The Answer is (and always will be) 1


Happy Monday

Yesterday I challenge my Instagram audience to guess the answer to this question:

The Universe Can Be Deduced To A Single Number. Which number is it?

I had SO many answers… 111, 8, 42 (thanks Stephen… Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy anyone?), 0, 2…

But the answer is actually 1.

The Universe in it’s entirety can be reduced to 1 single atom

Borne of 1

Birthed from 1

Returning to 1

In The Aquarian Age the goal is unity & oneness, the elimination of hierarchy, patriarchy, anarchy, rebellion, resistance, division, judgement, separation, competition, hate and fear.

In order to come back to 1, to our true essence, we must eliminate everything else. 

Connect with your 1 today. What does 1 mean to you?






Yesterday was a rare Palindrome today. Just one of many shifts the Universe is gifting us with in this 4 year. There’s so much magic in the numbers of the Universe if you understand how to interpret them. Numbers is one of the many ways the Universe can communicate with us. 

Let’s start by communicating with your 1. Hit reply and let me know what you come up with once you’ve pondered your 1ness today.

Curious to learn more about the numerological language of the Universe? Keep your eyes on my emails and my Insta’s ;)

Love always



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February 3, 2020