The Angelic Self & Mastering Humility (For your sake)


Stumbled across these words from earlier in the year and it feels so right to share again…

“You deserve more than your current reality.

Life is not bills, arguments, awful bosses, neglectful partners, troublesome kids, scummy insurance companies, toxic pharmaceuticals, and politics.

Life is not self-loathing,  disrespect, disappointment, panic, fear, pain, strife, plastic pollution and famine.

Life is not a negative subscription. 

Life is an invitation. To make the world a better place. To contribute in any positive conscious way you can. To become a better person . To be the best that you can be. To alchemise all the negativity you encounter with your own unique gift.

Have you ever had an invitation like this before? Have you ever even considered life in this perspective?

It’s your time. You’re ready. Let’s get to work.“

You are being lovely invited into the fold and the family that we’ve created in Ask Harriette land – a world in which there’s space, support and sanction for every single person to grow, heal & ascend, whether you’re right at the beginning of your abundance journey, or already 7 figures deep.

We’ve grown a lot in 2019. From 2 team members to 8, 100s more clients, a 40% revenue increase, and an even more powerful connection to Source which I never even thought possible.

And I know more humility than I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Humility in receiving the no’s on discovery calls.

Humility watching peers surpass me.

Humility in sometimes getting wrong.

Humility in learning to Love again.

Humility in learning to receive even more.

Humility in not always knowing all the answers.

Humility in learning more lessons.

Humility in being human.

And for me the biggest Grace I’ve received this year is elevating into my Angelic Self.

As the Angelic Self I understand the dissolution of hierarchy. I am not superior to any of you, no matter my income level, knowledge, gift, talent or experience.

Superiority does not exist.

I am your support, holding you and pushing you up from underneath. I will not parade my success from ‘up high’ in order to trigger you, scare you, insult you, or wave the flag of the seemingly impossible.

I humble myself to meet you where you’re at, and give you the Priestess Prescription to get you to where you need and desire to be.

My biggest asset to you is this…  I’ve been there. And I’m humble enough to never forget. I’m also humble enough to keep experiencing the humanness and sharing it with you, so as I grow, you get to grow too.

I’m here as your Priestess, your Angel, your guide, your coach, your mentor, your friend, your mirror, your firm hand, your support, your encyclopedia of knowledge, your direct channel to Source and your Spirit Team, your psychic, your healer, your life architect.

When you work with me and my team, you’re not just hiring a coach, you’re hiring a Priestess, and that is so life-altering different to anything you might ever have experienced before.

So if different is what you desire for 2020, consider the following:

  • The Priestess Pods for those in the early days of business (forming ideas / less than 3k months / only a few clients if any)
  • The Soul Money Mastermind for those established business owners with consistent 3k and above months
  • For 6 and multi-6 figure business owners, you may have already received a very intimate and sacred invitation… but if not… hit reply and ask for one!

My love always

Harriette xx


Posted on

December 20, 2019