The 5 Things I Do Every Day to Ensure My Consistent Success

Happy Hump Day Gorgeous


This is the acronym for the 5 things I do every single day without fail which ensures my continued success.

I don’t just “do” these 5 things, they have become part of who I am, my identity, my BEINGNESS. This is an an unconditional part of how I show up in the world every single day.

This is my formula and solution for ensuring I manifest multiple 4-figures every single day, i.e. a 7-figure CASH business (I’m not talking sales here, I’m talking cash). 

This formula that I’ve extracted from the essence of my being leads me from perceived launch flops into epic quantum leaps, and from “disaster life & business moments” into Divine downloads and manifestations beyond my wildest dreams.

No matter what is going on in my world, these 5 things occur every single day without fail. Ok maybe not Sundays… but even most Sundays see these 5 elements for a few minutes.

That’s another thing about this formula, it can be actioned in under an hour, or spread out across a whole day. That’s my choice.

Sometimes I’ll do it all in under an hour and then get on with living and loving my life. Other days I’ll take a whole day about it and love every second of it regardless, because this is how I ensure I’m being me, who I am and what I’m made to do in this world, every single day, unapologetically without fail. 

I’ll be unpacking and revealing what I.C.I.C.ME. stands for in this Saturday’s Command Your Queendom Masterclass, in which I’ll also be inviting those in attendance in to the early-bird offer for my brand new Aquarian Business Mastermind. 

I haven’t run a business mastermind since 2019, and a LOT has changed in that time. The way we do business now is radically different to the way we did business two years ago. It’s not about the doing anymore, there’s way more emphasis on the being, and this acronym… I.C.I.C.ME. is a major clue and starting point for everyone who wants to succeed in business and life this year.

Say it out loud: ICICME:



I see I see ME. Here’s your first clue. It’s mega. 

Whether you decide to join me for my business mastermind this year or not (the price point will blow you away, we’ve basically halved it), you’ll get so much value from the Command Your Queendom Masterclass, you’ll walk away with actual tools you can implement straight away to make an instant difference to your life & business and how you show up in the world.



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If you’re not reigning over your Queendom, bossing at life and business, in a pickle of having to “do” too much and never finding the time to make happen all the things you want to make happen, with little clarity over what you “should” be doing and “how” you need to be showing up, get your ass in my class!



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My love always

Harriette x

p.s. going live today on Instagram to give you a sneek peak into what Command Your Queendom looks like with some tips you’ll be able to implement straight away