Take Your Power Back

What’s my purpose? Probably the MOST asked question in any spiritual community. Particularly if you’re just waking up to yourself as a spiritual being. 


Too often I see this become a source of agony, as people trawl the internet for answers, confusing themselves with vague, stereotypical blogs which never really dive into anything of any substance. The only depth reached being the furthest corners of the web where knowledge ceases to take any tangible form and your own power has been surrendered to information overload and maybe a £9.99 PDF download. 


Priestess Numerology gives you back your power. It equips you with everything you need to answer all of life’s questions without opening up for laptop or unlocking your phone. You’ve been encoded with these answers. You decided your purpose before you were born. The internet doesn’t hold the answer. You do. 


And with Priestess Numerology, what’s always been there suddenly becomes readable. 


Your birth date can be deduced to 5 numbers, which tells you everything you need to know to absolutely nail life. 


Your soul number – showing everything you need to know about your relationship with your soul self. It gives you insights into how you see yourself, how your identity manifests in your world and the world around you and the specific challenges you have in your relationship with yourself. Spending your life trying to figure out who you are is a wild goose chase, stop wasting time. The answer was given to you the day you were born. You don’t need another identity crisis, let your numerology show you how to expand and nurture your soul self. 


Your karma number – the karma you chose to bring into this life time. Typically something from a previous life that you didn’t do particularly well, or misused for your own gain. Or perhaps something you aspired to in a previous life but didn’t quite reach. Whatever repeated challenges you have in this life, your karma tells you why and how to overcome it for good. 


Your destiny number – WHY YOU’RE HERE! The purest insight into what you’re meant to do on this planet. The Universe doesn’t care who you are, it cares about what you do. And it gives you very clear instructions via your destiny. 


Your gift number – your literal human super power! You can always fall back on your gift, it will get you out of any and every situation. It’s your unique way of leaping over life’s hurdles and consistently reaching your next level. When you finally realise what your gift is, you start to use it every day, which nourishes your relationship with your soul, pays off your karma and helps you arrive swiftly at your destiny. 


Your path number – the energy you carry with you throughout your life whilst experiencing the magic of your gifts and challenges. The combination of these 5 numbers work together in a way that’s completely unique to YOU. It’s like a psychic paint by numbers in which you create your own storyboard for walking through life ticking off everything you want to achieve. 


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At Team Ask Harriette, we work with each other’s numerology as well as the numerology of the year to plan out the aligned AF launches you see resulting in thousands of lives being changed. 


Clients who receive their own reports or learn the skill for themselves are doing exactly the same…

“I was blown away by numerology. I’ve started to get back into alignment with my soul purpose. As that happened, I’ve made so many connections and realized that every single piece of information H gave me was ridiculously accurate. 
Harriette told me what would trip me up and what I could leverage to help others, and I’ve used this information to keep myself on track to meet my goals and to spot self sabotage when it starts. This resource is something that I continue to come back to because every time I hear something new, and I have new revelations about what’s happening in my life and business. Thank you Harriette for sharing your guidance and gifts with me (and the world!)”

“H has a way of really reading people … Or perhaps it’s just the Priestess power! Harriette’s numerology helped me realize that I was missing out one big key component of who I was and how I operate best to speak to my clients. I took this knowledge and applied it to my sales page which instantly felt more aligned and more me, which also helped me efficiently sell soulfully to those who are meant to be working with me.”



Create this experience for yourself, end the confusion and agony about your purpose. Today is the final day to join!


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My Love Always, 

Harriette xxx