Take your coach off the pedestal.

I had an awakening this Monday morning, or rather, a remembering.

A deep remembering of WHO I am, and more importantly, who I am NOT. And quickly, that remembering spilled over into an understanding, one I’d like to share with you. This is for you if you’re struggling to find your place in this online world in a way that translates into abundance and impact.

In order to fully receive the abundance life has to offer, we must first receive ourselves. But before you receive yourself, you have to SEE yourself. You can’t receive what you can’t already see within yourself.
The issue I’m seeing more and more in this online space is that as women fight and compete with one another to stand out and be heard above the noise and the chaos, they lose more and more of themselves.

They start to imitate others who they deem “more successful” because they assume that their way must be better than her own way.
When we assume their way is better than our own way we immediately lose ownership of any way. The word “own” disappears, and in its disappearance, so also disappears the presence of the self in thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, actions AND results.

We start to live a life that isn’t ours and doesn’t feel good to us because it wasn’t built on self ownership, it was built on something outside of us. It was built by modelling “her”.
At some point we must all reclaim our sovereignty. “She” is only a great role model up until the point you give your power to her way of being and doing at which point you lose your own way of being and doing, from which you can create the grand sum of nothing.

But nothing isn’t such a bad place to be, because it’s from nothing we create everything.

It was around this time last year I called for a total eclipse of the matrix so that we may all re-birth ourselves from nothing into the becoming of everything. I shut off my social media, my ads, my emails. I disappeared and invited everyone witnessing my disappearance to sit in the darkness and lead themselves back to their own version of the light. 

I’m calling for another eclipse. Only this year I’m adding an extra ingredient to ensure you no longer facilitate your own eclipsing.


To be undeniable, indomitable & indestructible there is only ONE feasible avenue… to become 1000% unapologetically ourselves, in full ownership of our sovereignty.

It is from this place that you can create the seemingly impossible. It is from this place that you have the audacity to believe you can, no matter what. It’s from this place that you stop looking at things and thinking “but how”, and instead understand “but how could I not?!”.

What if impossible was just an illusion?
What if all you had to do was raise your standards, adjust your framework for life and SEE YOURSELF?
What if a few small tweaks opened the door to a world you currently call dreamland.

Earlier this year I opened a programme called The Impossible Dream – inside is where you become the woman capable of making it happen. Where nothing is off limits. Where life becomes a series of expansive experiences, momentous memories and lavish luxuries.

The Impossible Dream is where you discover what life is really about. Where you find out just how good it can get. Where you drop the narrative that there’s only so far you can go and so much you can have.

You can have it all, even the impossible! Think about how you got here… how cells collided and metamorphosed and weaved the creation of you. How you journeyed from your mother’s womb and grew into an entire human with wishes and desires and dreams and a purpose. If life is capable of THAT? What else might it be capable of?

And what if all it took was for you to truly see the miracle of you behind those eyes that acts as the catalyst to you stepping into a true Sovereign Reign in which this way of being and receiving is constant and non-negotiable?

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My love and my recognition always,