Surprising money habits that MAKE me money

Surprising money habits that MAKE me money:

✅ Spend, spend, spend
✅ Treat myself & celebrate myself regularly
✅ Stop tracking money for a few days
✅ Pay for support in all areas of my life, not just business
✅ Pay myself first

Things I absolutely don’t do because I know they’ll stop the flow of money:

❌ Stop spending when things look tight
❌ Save from a place of fear or “just in case”
❌ Wait to buy something I really want
❌ Promise myself a purchase only AFTER I’ve made X amount of money
❌ Pay my team / my support people, and not myself

OK, let’s break this down even more:

When I spend, typically I spend on things that are going to make me money, the first example being coaches, masterminds, programmes and human-support.

At the moment that looks like
1 x 20k container,
2 x 12k containers,
2 private mentors (one for business, and one for my spiritual work),
a twice-weekly personal trainer,
a twice-weekly pilates teacher,
a homeopathic therapist on call (I pay so I can call him whenever I need which is usually a few times a week),
a monthly osteopath,
a full-time daily housekeeper who is also an absolute hit with both my children (they adore her),
a team of gardeners & property maintenance people,
our car valet guy,
and last but definitely not least…. THE ASK H & ACADEMY STAFF TEAMS!!

Above & beyond that, I also spend on things that make me FEEL good because if I don’t feel good, I’m not going to be in the mood for putting in the damn work to make that money money flow. So, we’re talking big things like… regular hotel trips with Stephen (we’ve just started doing this again after my postpartum recovery and it’s sooooo good, usually around 2k per night), beautiful cars, our beautiful home, & luxurious holidays (we’ve just booked our first one post-pandemic and post-giving birth, woohoo!) And the small things like… weekly spray tans, bi-weekly mani/pedis, monthly eyelash extension infills, filling the house with fresh flowers every week, wearing beautiful clothes every day, even if it’s “just” yoga clothes (my current obsession is @aloyoga).

What I don’t do is obsess over money and count every last penny, because all it does is reverse all the hard work I’ve done to lock in the vibration of faith… “I always get what I want” is a DAILY mantra in Ask H land. Nothing wavers from this truth.

I do not have money on pedestal. Money flows to me effortlessly and easily because I choose to live my best life, and money gets to support me in that. 

^^^ This is one of many reasons people are drawn to me. Not necessarily because of how I choose to live my life, (because my choices aren’t for everyone), but because of how embodied I am in my money truth that it has become REAL LIFE. My Money Consciousness Game is A-Class. My sales strategies are 5-star. And my life… is exactly how I want it to be.

Money is magnetic. When you’ve mastered it, you become magnetic too 🧚‍♀️

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Love always

Harriette x