Sunday Night Musings

Before I dive into my priestess perspective of the week, I just want to pause to celebrate my damn self tonight. Here’s why:

  • Stephen is out on his boys night meaning I am solo parenting
  • I have tended to a sick toddler
  • Rocked the baby to sleep several times
  • Enjoyed take out sushi
  • And a glass of champagne (Veuve obvs)
  • And had a dead sea salt bath (diff to Epsom Salts… I’m so into salt lol)
  • Journalled
  • Chatted on the phone to my mum and sister
  • And now I’m writing to you

If that’s not WINNING… right?!

And winning is kinda the topic of tonight…

From the tub I was aimlessly scrolling social media, absorbing my share of feel good content, but I noticed something:

👉 The amount of women sharing how much they earn / the latest revenue totals in their biz.

If you don’t know me, I’m actually a HUGE advocate of big money in the hands of women especially, as a means to create extraordinary change in the world. They call me the money queen. I help women do exactly this.

And I’m all for celebrating these women. Celebrating big money. And celebrating big milestones.

But something struck me differently tonight.

It’s not about the money. Or the numbers.

It’s about what you create WITH the money.

You see money is an energy, a neutral resource, a tool. Money CAN buy freedom, if you know how to use it. Not everyone knows how to use it.

If you take a quick scroll through my IG grid, my reels, and my IGTV’s, you’ll see what I’ve created with my money:

Complete £££ free-dom.

I have it all:

  • The multi-million pound manor house
  • The supercars
  • The first class lifestyle
  • The 5* bespoke holidays (when there’s not a global pandemic)
  • The designer wardrobe
  • The diamonds 
  • The house staff
  • The company staff
  • The Time freedom
  • I even retired my husband (we’re both 33)

I want for nothing.

You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Check my social media. 

This is why I don’t always share my financials. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing numbers. I absolutely applaud all the women who do. It’s so inspiring. However, when I choose to share my figures, I do so with intentionality.

I first crossed the million pound mark when I was in my mid-twenties, before I really even had a presence on social media. I’ve since made multi-millions. The intention now is to collapse the time frame within which I make my next few million.

Here’s what I know for sure:

I’m always an energetic match for MORE of what I desire. Today, tomorrow, and always. This means I’m always expanding. Financially, energetically, emotionally, & experientially. 

You can too. It’s all in the energy (which actually means strategy too, but a certain kind of strategy, with a certain kind of energetic foundation).

You’ll want to keep an eye on what I’m launching tomorrow. 

Wishing you a beautiful evening.

Love always


p.s. I’ve opened some very exclusive 1:1 spots with me, and I’m taking applications (unless you’ve worked with me before and want to jump back in to my next level). Message me for more details.