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Happy Monday

Have you noticed that people these days are obsessed with their identity?

Who we are supposed to be, how we brand ourselves, in business, and personally, what our ‘identity statement’ is, who we identify as, how we dress ourselves and what that projection means to the rest of the world. How to look in our photoshoots, our brand shoots, what our website says about us, and who we have to become in order to achieve our goals. People go travelling, take huge bouts of time off from work to ‘rediscover themselves’, and commit huge amounts of energy to this notion that we need to find out who we are and ‘fix it’ before we can move forward with our goals and dreams. 

But we didn’t incarnate with an identity that we need to “discover” or even ‘fix’. We aren’t broken. 

We have a purpose, a job to do, and frankly the Universe doesn’t care who you are or who you decide to become in order to fulfil your role on this planet. All she’s bothered about is you getting the job done. All this obsessing about identity and image is just a time and energy drain… classic ego keeping you small so you don’t go and do anything crazy like actually make an impact in the world for the greatest highest good of all humanity !!!

So let’s ditch the identity goose chase for a second and consider this:

You are perfect just the way you are, wounds and all, to do the job you came here to do.

So focus on figuring out what it is you’re meant to DO rather then who you think you should BE. 

“OK, but Harriette, isn’t figuring out what I’m meant to DO even more difficult that figuring out who I’m meant to BE?”

Actually no. Because that is written in your Soul Destiny Blueprint, which is coded in a language I read and speak fluently: Numerology. 

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February 10, 2020