Stop settling for comfortably numb



Fun fact for you – There are just 2 spots left in The Priestess Pods. 

2 spots left for you to spend the next 3 months receiving the support you need to activate your business, your soul purpose, your financial abundance, your spiritual abundance, and pretty much everything else in life.

You might have talked yourself in and out of signing up more times than you can count by this point, finding every reason possible to not take the leap and stay where it’s comfortable.

But is It really comfortable Ellie? Is allowing the fear of what might be keep you where you are really the most comfortable option?

No matter what you choose to do, the next 3 months are going to pass regardless.

So you could stay on that fence, watching the magic unfold for others but not for you.

Or you could decide right now that time is NOT going to pass you by.

Decide that you’re going to become the master of your own timeline. 

Decide that you can collapse time all together and achieve in 3 months what you tried for all of last year.

How would it feel to reach the Spring of 2020 having hit those goals that right now seem virtually impossible?

That’s what the Priestess Pods do. They make the seemingly impossible happen so naturally it causes you to double take at the manifestation of it. 

If you’ve been following the Priestess Pods, witnessing the outcomes of those that went through them last year, clicking on the sign up page, seeing how it can totally transform your life and business, but running away at the last minute…

  1. All that to’ing and fro’ing is seriously depleting the energy you could be using to actually do the damn thing. 
  2. It’s a sure fire sign that this is where you’re meant to be. That it’s time to get over that doubt and fear and give your soul what she’s screaming out for. 

The more resistance you feel towards an opportunity the more likely it is that opportunity is the answer to your transformation.

Sometimes fear is an indication you’re facing in the right direction. 

Time isn’t waiting, the welcome calls are happening tomorrow and Friday.

Question is, are you going to let your fear keep you stuck, under achieving and under earning?

Or are you going to use it at the bridge to expansion, money, fulfilment and success?

The welcome calls are happening now, and we start properly next week. 

Get off the fence. 

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All our love

Team AH xx


Posted on

January 15, 2020