Stop Looking For Signs


Full moon truth bomb time…


“Signs” will only take you so far. There comes a point where you have to take the messy action, and trust.


Communicating with Source is great. Understanding the signs is required. Entering into conversation with your Soul, Higher Self and Universe is a necessity.


But the clearest sign in the world means squat if you don’t take action on it. Or you question whether or not it really was a sign. Or you keep asking for more because even though you got the message loud and clear, you’re determined to stay stuck in your human fear and “just one more to check” gets you off the hook a little longer.


There’s no point asking for guidance if you’re just going to throw it back in the proverbial face of Spirit. You’re not serving your highest good when you’re asking for confirmation that you’re on the right path but then refusing to stretch the legs of your gift and walk it. You’re not in service to yourself, or anyone, if you’re allowing your fears to act as manifesting beacons for additional “to do’s” so you can kid yourself about it not being the right time.


Fulfillment comes to those in service

Money comes to those in service

Destiny manifests to those in service


There’s never been a better time. 


Start the business

Pitch the podcast

Write the book

Create a brand new way

Come out of the spiritual closet

Publish the website

Follow the damn signs


Find a container that will support you, hold you accountable, provide you with a healthy dose of compassionate butt kicking, and obliterate your biggest obstacles (including yourself).


We have spaces available for whichever level you’re at: 


1-1 coaching with me

1-1 coaching with Mia (for if you want basically me but can’t/won’t stretch to the grand an hour investment)

The Soul Money Mastermind

Or the FOURTH Priestess Pod we’ve just opened up to start next week.


Book in for a virtual coffee with the team to find out which container would be right for you. 


Helpful piece of info – Chris Harder is coming in to teach a masterclass to the Soul Money Mastermind this Thursday; join before then, and you get to be taught and coached by him, as well as accessing me and the team this week! How’s that for a sign to take action on?


Whichever level of support you need, whichever level of investment you’re available for, whichever leap of faith you’re available to take, the arms of Ask Harriette are open to welcome you into alignment with your Soul Destiny Blueprint.


Take the messy action, you’re in no better position to create beauty out of it than in one of these containers.


< If you’re not sure where you should be, grab a coffee date with the team >


I can’t wait to see what you create.


My love always,

Harriette xx


Posted on

March 10, 2020