Speechless in 539 words

It’s not often I struggle for words, especially in the form of writing, but in the interest of showing up exactly as I am… I’m currently lost for them

I’ve started and re-started this email 4 times. I refuse to acknowledge “writers block”. I refuse to hide behind my to do list and leverage time against me. They’re both very convenient and possible reasons to avoid communicating with you today, but they’re not true. 

The truth is MY Legacy has rendered me speechless. 

The emotion moving through me right now can not be defined. The magnitude of the work I’ve agreed to carry out in this incarnation is the weightiest, most humbling realisation that stirs lifetimes of memories from deep within my cells. 

Unlocking the codes of your Legacy can momentarily stop you in your tracks. My voice is temporarily waning, but my fire has been permanently ignited. My fire is what speaks to you today, and invites you to join me on this journey of unleashing your Legacy and be guided by Harriette through this free 5 day immersion into the depths of your Soul. 

When you don’t have the words, let your energy do the talking. 

In my younger years I was always made to feel as though a lack of vocal contribution was a problem. It meant I was too shy, too unmotivated, lacked confidence or simply wasn’t interested. And as I made my way into the spiritual community… it meant a blocked throat chakra. Lol. 

But as I go on this journey of unlocking the codes of my Soul I see that this was never an issue to be fixed, it was actually the embodiment of a powerful energy, the presence of the Legacy of the women who came before me that has the power to transcend words. 

There are so many ways to communicate that don’t involve talking. My most powerful words usually come when I write. A single look can tell a whole story. In my days as a dancer, I used my body to convey emotion, context, share ideas and invoke whatever I desired the audience to feel. And sometimes, the most powerful communication of all..

Is silence. 

The healing that can come from someone willing to hold you in total silence and be present for you as you allow dormant feelings to come up for the first time in years is so profound. I’ve seen it in my coaching sessions.

Silence is not indicative of a problem to be solved. It does not display a character flaw and it does not necessarily and exclusively make someone complicit, as the internet loves to tell you it does. These are assumptions used as tools for manipulation to extract people’s power through their word, which when pressured, is given without consent and without intention. 

No-one is owed your word. Sometimes, silence is your contribution, as an active witness. 

Sometimes, your Legacy does not call you through words. It’s stirring does not form feelings or sentences that make sense, but it commands your attention like nothing else in the Universe. And it asks you to unlock its codes, and find your unique way of communicating it to a world that’s been waiting so patiently for this day. 

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Love always,