Today we did the first kick off call for SourceMind, and the way we do business just changed dramatically and forever for the 10 incredible ladies already in this incredible high-vibe group of world-changers.

Today we laid the foundations of what it means to do business in the Piscean age, i.e. last year and years previous, and what it means to do business in the Aquarian age, i.e. this year and for the rest of our entrepreneurial careers.

To say it’s radically different is an understatement but feedback from just the first call is pretty life-altering:

“It feels like I’m finally coming home. It’s like this is what I’ve been waiting for” – this from a lady who wasn’t convinced she needed a mastermind but somehow found herself there anyway, and a good job too!

“My aha is all about moving from water to air and how I operate in water vs air” – this from a lady who is already deeply spiritual and making multiple 6-figures, but today’s teachings added a whole new level for her!

For everyone on the call today (not everyone could attend live) it was a profound moment of recognition having me say the words they already knew deep within them about how they WANT to show up in the world, how they WANT to do business, how they WANT to call in the cash.

I’d love to know how you’ve been running your business the last 12 months, and what you’ve noticed HAS worked, and what is working LESS so for you. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

🙈 Every one of the 10 currently in SourceMind weren’t particularly enamoured with my sales page, in fact I’m not convinced they all even read it!

The thing that makes the sales in the Aquarian age isn’t the sales page… or the funnel… or the marketing emails… or the IG lives.

It’s something entirely different. And it’s already in YOU, we just need to bring it OUT of you so it’s fully expressed and inviting your Soul mate clients in as you scale to multiple 6-figures (and yes we get to put it into masculine structures and support systems so nothing is fully dependent on you being in hustle mode).

I must confess, I haven’t been showcasing my “thing” the last few days. I’ve been rather wrapped up in a personal manifestation of my own which I confirmed and completed just yesterday. I can’t share yet but it’s WOW! Like wow-er than my wildest dreams WOW. 6 years ahead of my desired schedule, already here, and in existence, and as soon as the paperwork is wrapped up I’ll be able to share with you my multi-million-pound-manifestation. Yes it’s MASSIVE!

Naturally that distracted me somewhat the last two days as we pulled her into manifested completion, SO, I haven’t been as present with my SourceMinders as I would have liked to be. 

And presence is a big one too for the Aquarian age and how we do business here. Being visible, and transparent, honest and authentic, kind, compassionate, and curious. Not in a forced way, or a shiny filtered way, or in any way that doesn’t feel good to you, but in a way which makes you BREATHE. Breath is another big one for the Aquarian way of doing business… it is an air sign after all.

A LOT is changing, and something I made very clear to my SourceMinders on todays kick off call is this:

👑 You are expected to be a pioneer.
👑 You will be modelling Aquarian business for other women in a way they’ve never seen before.
👑 You will become thought leaders and change makers in your industry (above and beyond what you are already doing).
👑 You will be doing business completely differently to how you’ve done it before.

And for a lot of women that’s scary AF. It’s ballsy, courageous, pioneering, but that’s the whole point of Aquarius… she’s here to do things differently and to create radical change.

SourceMind is calling the women who is brave, bold, and brilliant, who wants to make a change not just in her life, in her her clients lives, and in her industry, but beyond that too… the woman who has a why beyond the why… a ripple effect of change that comes from making a lot of money – the point at which you have more money that you know what to do with.

I shared my why beyond my why last week (you can read about it on my blog here), and this has been a foundational shift from me as I’ve moved away from Piscean business practices and in to Aquarian Business Methods®.

To help you begin a foundational shift into the Aquarian way of doing business, here are some things for us all to journal on / ponder / consider:

🖋 What if a successful business had nothing to do with sales funnels, automatons, great sales pages, discovery call scripts, and all that other stuff you feel you’re no good at / can’t do / feels like massive effort? Or now feels like an obligation or a chore?

🖋 What if having all those things in place was great but wasn’t “the thing” that brought the effortless ease grace and flow of abundance and money?

🖋 What if success had nothing to do with the numbers on your email list or engagement stats?

🖋 What if success had nothing to do with fierce discipline that drains you the fuck out?

🖋 What if success wasn’t capped at the 100/200k mark?

🖋 What if consistent expansion and exponential abundance was just a given?

🖋 What if you didn’t even have to “sell” any more?

🖋 What if people were just magnetised to you and bought from you just because you’re you?

🖋 What if you completely released the pressure of all the stuff you think you SHOULD be doing in business?

🖋 What if you completely stopped doing business the way everyone else is doing it?

🖋 What if business, they way we do it, the way we engage with it, the way we show up in it / as extension of it, completely changed? For the better?

🖋 What if there was a better way of doing business? A way that fully and completely worked for you as a true Soul-led expression of you?

🖋 What if you knew, or had the means to know, everything you needed to know (and nothing else), about what needs to come through you in your business, thereby creating the time, space and energy to pursue the other things, like the why beyond your why?

🖋 What if you had more money than you knew what to do with? What would you want to make happen?

🖋 What if money just paid for the things that you wanted to make happen?

🖋 What if we did business completely differently?

🖋 What if you become one of leading pioneers of entrepreneurship in this new world we find ourselves in?

These aren’t just questions I want you to ask, these are the things I want to work with you on, collaboratively, to create the reality of the answers that come from your Soul.


🖋 What if business didn’t have to be hard work anymore? I think that’s the biggest one for me.

🖋 What if we could breathe it in as effortlessly as we pull air into our lungs?

We’re out of the water now. Piscean times are over. This is the Aquarian age. ANYTHING is possible.

I would love for all of us to go on a journey of deep discovery and co-creation together, as we take a stand for and model what true Aquarian Business looks like.

I had originally intended to close the doors on Tuesday, but that was before I knew my incredible manifestation was going to fall out of the sky, so I’m not closing the doors yet. I haven’t fully honoured what’s on my Soul, therefore I haven’t fully honoured what’s on yours.

❤️ I haven’t given us the grace or space to connect to talk about your why beyond your why, your shift into multi-6-figures, your role in this world, and how you potentially fit in this circle of incredible pioneering women.

This is something else about the Aquarian age (I think you’re getting the vibe that I have a lot to teach and share with you)…. things change rapidly. The evolution is even faster now. BUT, on the plus side, manifestations, and the fulfilment of desires is also much quicker. I personally much prefer business in the Aquarian age, to business in the Piscean age. I’m pretty sure you’re beginning to see why, but like I said…. LOADS more to share with you.

Let’s connect. “Let’s do this” as my 2 year old would say 😜

>>> Read what you need to read and feel free to book in a call with me <<<

You get to have it all. We all do. Together.

My love always


p.s. if you’re not yet ready for SourceMind, we have QUANTUM !