Something happens when you change your Money Mindset

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This morning I’ve strolled up to my favourite brunch cafe with my baby daughter, after my blow out, and I’m sat aimlessly staring out of the window wondering what I’d like to do today

I still have those ‘pinch me is this real’ moments when I realise I smash all of my goals consistently all of the time

And even when I don’t, the thing always works out to be better than I could have ever possibly imagined

Last night I went for dinner with one of my mentors, Amanda Frances, the Money Queen herself (she charges $100,000 for her 1:1 coaching), and being in her energy, and the energy of her other clients reminded me of this:

  • Being around high vibe people is contagious 
  • Our hearts desires are our Souls way of reminding us what we get to have
  • We forget to want what we want (it’s totally OK to want what you want)
  • Community is EVERYTHING when you’re ready to level up your life / business / money / relationships

These things sounds so basic but sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful

And all it requires for you to access this simple effortless up levelling of life and business, is to find the right energetic space for you to immerse yourself into.

I’m totally late to my own party on this one, so you may have already seen on all the social medias that my Money Mindset System is open for enrolment for one week only!


As we’ve been gearing up to open the doors again, I’ve been fully immersing myself in conversations with all the people who have been through the system before, and you know what they loved most?

This blew my mind actually:

The Power of the private Facebook group and community vibes we create to rise up together!

But it makes total sense

I don’t pay my coaches to tell me what to do, I pay because it gives me the opportunity to be fully immersed in their energy, and paying them a shit ton of money means I’m massively committed to getting results for myself

And I do


It’s not necessarily the ‘system’ that makes the magic… it’s the energy that it comes with, the energy it pulls you into, and the energy you soak up from the power of all the people rising together to new abundant realities!

It’s the easiest and quickest way to get your shit together… be around people who already have their shit together!

So yesterday we opened enrolment for the Money Mindset System, for just one week!!

This super fast money mindset system is designed to completely overhaul your money mindset mentality, and give you a literal ‘kickstart’ to achieving all your personal and business goals and desires!

It is a seven step system which walks you through all the layers of things which hold us  back and prevent us from living our best life.

Layers that need to be peeled back, revealed, released, transformed, and replaced with an upgraded operating system that works FOR YOU and not against you. The working for you bit is HUGE… so many of us don’t even realise that there are negative thought patterns and beliefs that override our desires, goals, dreams and ambitions by keeping us small and in a state of self-sabotage so that we never get to where we actually want to be.

And you know what happens then… we give up, and we tell ourselves a story that “it just wasn’t meant to be”. That my darling it absolute BULLSHIT! And I’m going to help you remove EVERYTHING from your energy that does not serve you.

Delivered over five weeks the course covers:

*** Recognising your desires ***

*** Re-creating your money identity ***

*** Establishing your connection to Universe & your Higher Self ***

*** Breaking through your money blocks ***

*** The one fundamental energetic money law in business & life ***

*** How to ‘show up’ in alignment ***

*** Dealing with, and transmuting your limiting beliefs ***

*** Creating new positive affirmations ***

*** Building an entirely new operating system which works for you ***

*** Utilising incremental shifts ***

*** Finding the courage to ask with clarity ***

*** Understanding the Universe’s law of ‘mirroring’ ***

*** Pushing past all your resistances with grace ***

*** Removing the stories that don’t serve you ***

*** Recreating your self worth so we can up-level your net worth ***

*** Transforming the environment around you, including the relationships you have with others ***

*** Learning how to recognise when you’re in self-sabotage mode so you can prevent it keeping you small ***

*** The truth about money ***

*** Accessing the energy of receiving ***

*** The 11 secret weapons I use every single day to manifest consistently ***

*** A system you can use repeatedly for the rest of your life to constantly level up and up and up ***

+ Law of Abundance (the spiritual law of energy & money)

+ Chaos Theory (the scientific laws of energy & money)

+ Energy Intelligence & The Consciousness Of Money

Grab all the details, payments plans & testimonials here:

>>> The Money Mindset System <<<h

My love always



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January 17, 2019