Some insights into The Rich Mentality


Happy Sunday!

Many of you have asked for some insights into The Rich Mentality, so without further ado…

A few lessons they taught you… you believed… actioned… and now they are your reality. But you were taught incorrectly. By your school teachers. By your parents. By your faith leaders (not all, but most). By your friends, colleagues, peers, siblings, lovers, neighbours. By the media. By world leaders. By the Patriarchy.

And they didn’t teach you incorrectly deliberately. They taught you incorrectly because they didn’t know any better either.

Allow me to remedy just a few of the lessons you’ve been taught wrongly:

❌Money is not a source of stress

✅Money is a source of energy (good energy)

❌Money is not to be acquired for your security & wellbeing

✅Money is to be circulated & dispersed for the security & wellbeing of all

❌Money is not received in exchange for work

✅Money simply represents the flow of Source through our lives

❌Money is not hard to come by

✅Money is repelled by scarcity mentality & fear

❌Money is not the root of all evil

✅The pursuit of money from a low vibration (fear, power, control, greed, anxiety) is the root of the evil that is corroding your capacity to operate from the Rich Mentality

❌The answer to fair financial distribution is not higher taxes for the wealthy

✅The answer is to eliminate the concept of distribution in its entirety (insight: if money is infinite why would it ever need to be rationed and divided amongst the population?)

❌The Patriarchy is not to blame for your current reality

✅You are. Because you have so far refused to learn a different way. You have so far rejected your own independent thought. You have slipped into complacency and acceptance because that’s what everyone else is doing. And that looks safe. And familiar. It’s how your parents do money. It’s how your friends do money. It’s how everyone on your street does money. It’s how everyone at work does money. It’s how all the entrepreneurs on the internet do money.

➡️But it’s not how I do money.

And it’s not how a few others do money… namely that elusive “top 1%” as they’ve been labelled. But they’re not the top 1% at all. They’re just using 1% more of their brain capacity to think independently of what they were previously taught, and they’re all operating from The Rich Mentality.

The Rich Mentality is actually about more than just money; how it works, how to think about it, how to action it, and how to magnetise it. The Rich Mentality is a way to view and process the world in all aspects of life. The Rich Mentality can be applied to relationships, careers, work, health, and any area of life that you feel requires more abundance.

This is a way of thinking and viewing the world. 

Over the course of the next three weeks (in The Rich Mentality class), I will be taking you on a journey into the mind of the Million Dollar Priestess… a mind which has changed the lives of many and will continue to do so until the world is restored back to the true meaning of abundance.

It was, is and, always will be, my desire for you to experience true abundance of both the material and spiritual kind. 

My friends and family are showered with gifts and abundant experiences. On our recent return trip from Australia, I upgraded my parents from business class to first class so we could all fly together. I did this from the space of the Rich Mentality. It didn’t cost me a penny. 

Stephen (my husband-to-be) comments on an almost daily basis how I seem to manifest the impossible, quite often without spending a penny . Things such as free parking, free hotel upgrades, free meals, discount vouchers, “inconvenient errors from service providers” which would irritate the crap out of the average person but always turn into golden opportunities for us to experience even more abundance in our lives. I manifest impossible restaurant bookings, unavailable hotel rooms, previously fully booked flights, ridiculously rare supercars, guardian angel facilitators (people who appear in our lives to make the impossible happen for us and then disappear without a trace), and so much more.

I want for nothing. Even when it appears that I can’t afford something that I desire, I use The Rich Mentality, and as if by magic, the money appears to pay for all the things I desire in my human experience. 

I never stress about money. Ever. My human self sometimes wonders how financial conflicts might resolve themselves, but my humanness has no driving seat in the Miracle Mind. She simply gets to watch in awe and wonder as everything always works out perfectly. Every bill paid. Every desire met. And all with effortless ease, grace & flow. The Miracle Mind is always calm. 

And this isn’t just about money.

My spiritual experiences are the most Divine. Communicating with my Spirit Team daily provides all the richness a human life could possibly need. It’s more than just trusting your gut and having strong intuition. This is unmistakable guidance & support from the Divine. A life without error.

Read that again.

A life without error. 

A life without fear. 

A life of richness.

Ready to activate your Miracle Mind?

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My love always



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January 12, 2020