Saving vs. Spending

Saving vs. Spending

I’ve seen a lot of debate around this topic recently

Which is better? Spending or saving?

Some people sit firmly in the “better save it for a rainy day or just in case the other money runs out” camp, whilst others take the more “sod it, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, may as well spend it” approach

Which do you sit in?

I’ve noticed many people start in one camp and usually migrate to the other, typically with age, because with age comes responsibility, or so we think

This is what we have been conditioned to think

The good old patriarchy has us behaving like sensible responsible adults putting money into savings accounts for rainy days

Rainy days which arrive by the bucket load and yet the savings never get touched

Because that would be irresponsible

Let’s talk about the actual responsibilities you have

And not the ones you’ve been conditioned to believe you have

You have a responsibility to Abundance

You have a responsibility to honour and fulfil your Soul’s calling

You have a responsibility to become the best possible version of yourself

You have a responsibility to allow money to flow through you

(which means spending the damn stuff FYI)

You have a responsibility to fix your limiting beliefs

You have a responsibility to create a more conscious world for the next generation

You have a responsibility to get out of your own bullshit and made up stories you live in

You have a responsibility to see the falsity of the illusion you have created to keep yourself small

These are serious responsibilities

These responsibilities are why you were born

Not 401ks

Not retirement funds

Not pension pots

Not rainy day accounts

Not ANYTHING which is created from an energy of fear, or lack, or void, or control

And guess what?

To own your Soul responsibilities, you need to invest energy

Energy in the form of money

The answer to money is money

If you’re scared of spending money, you need to spend it to overcome the fear

If you’re scared of paying bills, you need to pay them to overcome the fear

If you’re scared of being judged for making money, you need to make that damn money to prove that you won’t be judged after all

If you’re scared of investing because previous investments haven’t worked out, you need to invest again

If you’re scared of it taking too long, you need to start now so that you’ll soon see it doesn’t take long at all!

If you’re scared of competition, you need to dive straight in there fully clothed with everything you’ve got

If you’re scared you’re not worthy, you need to do the thing you’re most scared of to overcome the fear

Do the thing you’ve never dare do before

Spend the money

Invest in the thing

Dip into savings

If you desire a different outcome, and I know you do, then do something completely different

Dare to challenge the conventions

Dare to challenge the conditioning

Dare to do something way way way outside your comfort zone

This isn’t an argument of spending or saving

This is a calling to honour your responsibilities and invest whatever it takes to level up your mindset, your impact, and your whole life

I’ve heard all the excuses a million times, and I’ll never get tired of hearing them

We can eliminate any and all of your money and mindset blocks in just four weeks with the Money Mindset System!

And in the meantime, consider what you’re most scared of when it comes to money, and let’s eradicate that gremlin from your life!

My love always



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September 17, 2018