Satisfaction is NOT Fulfilment

Tuesday wisdom: Live life doing what you LOVE


It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Go live your life doing what you LOVE.

And many of us female entrepreneurs are really quite lucky to be able to spend a large chunk of time doing our Soul work, being paid predominantly for being ourselves, and we’re good… we make money, we love what we do… like, it’s all pretty sweet.


🤔 So, tell me, why is it then that the limiting beliefs kick in periodically?

🤔 Why is it that we get sick sometimes? (We all know physical manifestations are a consequence of stuck energy of some form).

🤔 Why is it that we get stuck in self sabotaging patterns?

🤔 Why is it that we have off days?

🤔 Why is it, that despite making money, doing what you love, there’s still not that feeling of absolute fulfilment where you spend more of your time in a state of bliss than you do in a state of disconnect?!

It’s a curious question, because we’re all so easily persuaded to keep plodding along, being satisfied with our lot, and ignoring the fact that satisfied does not equal fulfilled.

Drink that in again: Satisfied does not equal fulfilled


And you know as well as I do that you came here for a bloody good reason. A reason that only you could fulfil. Call it a Soul contract, a Soul destiny, a purpose, a fate… etc. Whatever the label… that label does not read “find satisfaction”. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

But we keep our distance from it. We keep our distance from those who will lift us up. We keep our distance from the containers where we might be forced to look at why we’ve been settling for satisfied, when what we’ve been desiring all along is fulfilment.


Are you satisfied or fully filled up?

🤯 And, in realising you’re not fully filled up (yet), are you motivated to pursue the location of that overflowing abundance?

🤯 Are you having a “crap, what am I even waiting for moment?”.

🤯 Are you allowing yourself to be poured into by others? Are you allowing yourself to receive support? Are you cracking yourself wide open to new possibilities?

🤯 Are you stepping into the Aquarian way of conscious communities? Or are you still convincing yourself you’re good on your own?

If these Qs have stopped you in your tracks, I think perhaps it time you stepped in to one of the two masterminds I have available for women just like you. We’re small groups, but our hearts, minds, and arms are wide open and ready to receive you.


👑 I know the humility and vulnerability it takes to step into these spaces. I’ve done it myself very recently for this exact reason, because I too heard the call to be held by a group of women, to be poured into from multiple sources, to be lifted by the collective.

I know the antsy “I’m not sure feeling”, but I also know the call and the pull to step in to new levels and new spaces of limitless possibility and that Soul warmth of FULFILMENT.


Doors are closing on both masterminds very soon.

For info on Quantum click here.

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If you’re not sure which is best for you, book in for a chat with me here.

My love always