Rock Hard Boobs

No I’m not talking about watermelon implants… I’m talking about the joys of breastfeeding and what happens when your baby sleeps longer than normal causing your boobs to fill with milk to the point of bursting… the river dams get backed up, and with no where to go, the pressure of the water (milk in my case) causes an expansion resulting in rock hard boobs resembling watermelons.

Now as I laid in bed this morning, willing my little angel to wake up so he could feed, it occurred to me what I was experiencing in my boobs was yet another brilliant metaphor for one of the topics I’ve been teaching this week inside Quantum….

The expansion in my chest was caused by two things…

An abundance of sleep, and an abundance of flow (milk flow specifically).

Neither one of these abundancies of energy required any extra effort on my part. In fact if anything it required LESS effort. I slept. Odin slept. And my boobs just did their thing without me even asking. The expansion of all the abundacies (OK I’m really into this new word I just created) was a result of the compounded effects of all my efforts thus far… 

  1. the effort of making a baby (OK that bit wasn’t actually an effort haha), 
  2. growing the baby (that was fairly gruelling toward the end), 
  3. birthing the baby (fuck me… stand by for the birth story), 
  4. and then nursing the baby (despite the lack of sleep, was actually fairly effortless). 

The compound impact of the energy I invested in the last 10 months, resulted in the energy expanding by itself even as I put LESS energy in.

This is one of the laws of impossible manifestations. It’s the point beyond the 5 (energy body reference which you don’t necessarily need to understand to get this), whereby LESS is actually required in order to receive MORE abundance.

So translate this into real terms because we don’t need to spend all weekend talking about boobs (unless we do). Your efforts so far have probably looked like this:

  1. the inspired idea of creating your business and taking the first fun steps (a bit like having sex… no “effort” as such, can get a bit sweaty, but overall is a pretty exciting and fiery experience)
  2. building the foundations of the business (you will have likely bashed your head against the proverbial wall many a time when it comes to figuring stuff out that doesn’t come naturally to you… muchos effort invested)
  3. putting the business out there (allll the visibility shit, the doubting yourself, the imposter syndrome, and all your insecurities come out to play… this really is a fuck me moment… just like giving birth… funny that!)
  4. nurturing your biz in those early stages as you establish relationships, nurture leads, complete conversions and start seeing the rewards (a bit like seeing baby smile for the first time which suddenly makes those sleepless nights worth it… effort is still being invested but it’s starting to feel like it’s worth it!)

You have invested a LOT of energy at this point, and you’re likely telling yourself this level of effort needs to continue in order for you to continue scaling and growing your business. You’re in for the long haul right? You’re ready to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it?

Consider this:

🤯 What if you didn’t need to?
🤯 What if it got to be easier than that?
🤯 What if LESS effort was required?
🤯 What if you could live an abundant life whilst your business grows effortlessly?
🤯 What if there’s something about exponential expansive energy you just haven’t understood or tapped in to yet?

In my experience of expanding to my next level… every time it requires less effort. 

Every time I recognise where I’ve tried to invest more energy where I really didn’t need to because it reaped very little reward.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing for noticing where your anxiety got in the way, or the unnecessary time invested in strategies that were only implemented from an energy of lack or “should” or mis-alignment.

As we reach the next level, we can often see where we “wasted” time and effort taking the long road, because it’s typically the simplest shifts, and the most effortless actions that reap the biggest rewards.

Have a think about your own up-levels and expansions… I bet you’ll realise the thing that made the difference was actually the thing that required LESS of your effort, and MORE of you fully owning yourself and being more YOU.

Fascinating right?

If you want to hear more of this conversation, and receive my full teachings on this topic of achieving impossible manifestations, make sure you grab the Quantum VIP week replays before the end of the bank holiday Monday (August bank holiday weekend here in the UK). 

Over the course of 6 hours (8 video replays with accompanying workbooks and slides), Mia and I cover all of this and more:

  • Impossible manifestation
  • Energetic availability
  • Seventh dimensional manifesting
  • How we shift from 1D/2D manifestations into 3D/4D/5D and beyond
  • Letting it be truly effortless and easy
  • Transformation and alchemy in your current energy frequency
  • The crescendo of energy and the compound effect
  • Sustainability shifts (how to receive more from doing less)
  • Focusing on the end game of your manifestations
  • Doing the one thing
  • Judgement as an energetic limiter
  • The identification and validation paradigm of future goals
  • Old comfort patterns and my mattress analogy!
  • The elimination of the need for high vibes
  • The creative power of wanting what you truly want
  • Releasing conditioning of what you deem to be possible
  • Subtle differences in your desiring 
  • The energetic cap of settling
  • Building on what you’ve already got to create effortless expansion
  • The four pillars of conscious abundance
  • Deepening self-trust
  • The idea of perfectionism and what to do with it
  • Tuning fully into your truest self and expanding that
  • Spirituality and surrender
  • The Law of Co-Creation
  • Leveraging resources
  • Practical strategies for expanding your biz to the next level
  • It’s not just about “me”, it’s about “we”
  • The collective expansion that happens for everyone
  • Collapsing time
  • Eliminating hierarchy and patriarchy from your reality
  • The auric field that holds all your past “truths” and beliefs
  • Doing instead of thinking – the doorway of DO-ing
  • Mastering the balance between structure & strategy and creative Soul-led expression
  • Filling our your energetic field
  • Creating clarity and power in your Soul-led expression
  • Money and the flow through the path of least resistance
  • The magnetism of you
  • The energies of lack and “should”
  • Navigating the state of the world and our role within it
  • The Incarnation Intentions
  • Obligations and responsibilities toward humanitarian issues
  • The embodiment of your truth, soul monadic contracts and your commitments to creating positive change
  • Taking up energetic space and energetic alignment
  • Striving to be the best human you can be

It’s been a truly magical week with some amazing Q&A conversations too.

The replays and the worksbooks are all ready for you to enjoy with lifetime access. Get stuck in this weekend!

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