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We just wrapped an amazing tag-team coaching call inside the free pop-up coaching facebook group… we being myself and Mia, our in-house coach. 

BIG topic of the day… not being able to charge & receive what you’re worth.

Soooo many women fall in to this category, for all different reasons, and naturally it’s the deep work that creates the transformation for each of us on an individual basis, BUT, here’s what really landed with Sinead today, and I suspect many more of you need to hear this too:

Instead of looking at this “self-worth block” as yours, look at it instead from someone else’s perspective, instead of making it about you.


You have a gift, a story of epic transformation, and a calling to serve in life-changing ways.


People EXPECT to pay their way through this thing called life, whether it’s paying our way out of a shit situation into a good one, or paying from a good one to a better one, or paying to transition completely, paying to move home, paying to give birth, paying to get wed, paying for a better body, paying for better health, paying for solid advice, even paying for food….

We PAY our way through life. And for the most part we’re pretty damn good at it. We invest energy into everything. It’s quite simply how the world works. It’s a pretty flawless design if you ask me. And where we’re not investing the energy of money, we’re typically investing the energy of something else, like emotion or time.

The point is this… people are EXPECTING to pay you for the transformation you provide. 

Your so-called money block isn’t a block to you, it’s a block to them.

Because I’ll bet no matter how much you think you’ve got this block, all your bills still get paid. Somehow. Even if it’s some months it’s really bloody stressful.

Because of course you are abundantly supported by the Universe always. It always works out… somehow.

So if the block isn’t a block to you, and is actually a block to your clients, and potential clients, the call to service gets to over-ride the old story that you’re not worthy of charging X amount for your incredible work.

It’s nothing to do with your worth. Make it about service. You have a duty of care and responsibility to offer the vehicle of transformation to your clients WITH a price tag they’re expecting to pay. 

If they don’t pay, or don’t pay what it’s worth, they don’t get the opportunity to invest the energy necessary for the transformation to occur.

By claiming a money block that doesn’t serve you, you’re also creating a block for your clients that doesn’t serve them either.

?Don’t make it about you.

?We expect to pay you for your service.

?We expect to pay for life-changing transformation.

?Don’t deny us your magical gift.

?Don’t make it about you.

?Make it about us.

?We need you.

?Send the invoice. Put out the link. Ask for payment.

?We are waiting to step into your magic.

My love always


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September 21, 2020