Quantum – True Wealth is Saving Time

This is ancient wisdom that has been true for eons, but it felt necessary to remind you of this.


Saving time creates true wealth


If you have to acquire something yourself it usually takes longer than if someone else provides it for you. Time is money.

It’s surprising how many people believe they would be better off figuring stuff out on their own and being self-sufficient, rather than paying someone to do something for them or help them with something.


There’s a bizarre belief that being less dependent on others is a marker of “success”. That independence and the capacity to learn everything yourself, know everything yourself, implement everything yourself, and achieve it all yourself, is a desirable life path to take.

It costs SO. MUCH. TIME.

If we were truly meant to do things completely on our own, we would be born onto little individual islands completely on our own without technology, the internet, the capacity to connect to other people, or even communicate with other people.

Truly, the idea that I would ever rely completely on myself to achieve anything feels utterly bizarre to me. 


I’m just one human. One human with an epic Soul purpose, yes, but I didn’t arrive here with the intention of learning everything I need to know about myself, about my purpose, and how to fulfil it, on my own, gosh no! What are all those Soul Monadic contracts for if I’m meant to do it all on my own?


Doing it all on my own would take eons! I’d never get to enjoy the fruits of fulfilment.


This is why at any one time I am in multiple containers, working with multiple coaches / therapists / advisors, and have multiple team members and hired-help people around me to teach me, guide me, support me, do things for me and with me, and generally provide services for me so I can create true wealth by saving time.


It baffles me when people “wait” to hire the next coach, or jump into another container before the current one ends, or invest in another programme, or hire another team member. I always do all of these things before I’m ready, repeatedly. But, of course, that’s my choice, and my way. I can only imagine it would be appealing for others to model my choices if they aspire to live a similar lifestyle, achieve similar things in business, make similar amounts of money etc.


Money Consciousness is one of the things I’m famous for teaching – the flow of money, how it actually works, how to call more of it in, how to build a business in a way that works for you (I will NEVER tell you that my way is the only way to do things), how to use the spend flow to create incoming flow, how to up level your relationship with money, how to even HAVE a relationship with money… and the big one:


How to have complete and utter faith and trust in Money and the endless infinite flow of it to YOU.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I will be teaching on Money Consciousness, Money Flow & Money Acquisition in both Quantum & SourceMind.


The Quantum VIP Mastermind day is coming up on May 13th. Here’s what you can expect from that (4 x 90 min calls throughout the day):


Call 1: Tapping into the truest essences of you, connecting to Source (SourceMind style), pulling your authentic message through, honouring and obeying your Soul Purpose, translating that purpose into something tangible & relatable that pulls other Souls forward into your orbit, daily spiritual & connection practices, and deepening your faith & trust in yourself, in Source, and in Money.


Call 2: Adding financial depth to your current business model. Understanding lots of different business strategy options for creating automated incomes, passives incomes, funnel flow, live selling, daily selling, sacred selling, the Aquarian way of selling, making money, and creating financial depth, all whilst saving time and requiring minimal effort from you, in a way which saves you time, and adds instant cash flow to your business as it is right now today.


Call 3: More on money and sales. Looking at the key elements of your messaging (the ones that are appropriate to you and your Soul message), writing your sales pieces, creating your sales pages (if appropriate to you). Pricing, what to charge, how to charge, different layers to your price points and financial up level opportunities with every product & service you offer.


Call 4: Quantum leaping. The belief and desire practices, mindset pieces, inner work & spiritual elements to use to create your own unique Quantum leap practice (this does not require effort, it’s actually the most graceful extension of who you are and how you show up in the world). Being fully unapologetic, tapping even deeper into who you are and what you actually want, and how to pull that into existence between now and our next live mastermind day together.


The mastermind days are once every 3 months, plus 3 live calls every month (even during mastermind months), plus weekly accountability calls, AND a direct access Voxer group where you can ask me questions and lean on the support of me and the rest of the Quantum mastermind ladies in between calls and mastermind days, AND unlimited access to the School of Mastery dashboard worth £40,000. 


The best bit… it’s only £347 a month.


I’m closing the doors in a few days. I can’t see a reason why you WOULDN’T join Quantum, if you’re a woman in business, not yet making the money you desire to make, and fully on board with the idea that I can teach you so much, and help you achieve so much, and that of course I can help you save time in order to create wealth much sooner, by passing on my wealth of knowledge and experience building multiple 6 and 7 figure companies both for myself and my clients in the last 15 years.


It’s a no brainer right? If it’s not, hit reply and let me know why. Otherwise sign yourself up here:


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I have more to say on SourceMind, including why I’m offering a moolah back guarantee, but more on that later. The moolah back guarantee offer ends this weekend FYI. If you’re struggling to make the leap into SourceMind as a 6-figure woman in business knowing this is a fully risk-free investment, I have to wonder, what WOULD it take for you to leap?


>>> Details on SourceMind here, plus the sign up buttons because you already know <<<


My final thought on this:


When you do things before “you’re ready”, you collapse time in Quantum ways. 


I do sympathise with, and understand the logic of, wanting to do things one by one, one after the other, and not all at once, but that’s just your conditioning. We’re grown-ass women. We’ve been raised in a patriarchal world. We’ve been indoctrinated with linear methodologies for success, through our education systems, financial systems, health systems, even our relationship processes. Everything we know, everything we’ve been taught is “step by step”, climb the ladder, one bit at a time, baby steps to success. 


It doesn’t have to be true. In fact, in my experience, it’s the slowest route to success. 


I personally prefer to go all in, collapse time, quantum leap, show up courageously, throw everything at it, and make it bloody well happen… because why else am I here?!


It wasn’t to live in fear, doubt, anxiety, or a state of playing small and not fully owning my Soul Destiny and my hearts desires.


I’m here to make huge lasting change in the world, to have fun doing it, to make a LOT of money that I can do epic things with, and to live a beautiful life, but more on that in my next email.


The time is now. Don’t let the typical money, time, commitment limitation narratives hold you back from jumping in to what you want. 


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My love always