PSA: I warned you this would happen. Pay attention!


Good morning

Well it’s not for some of you

I’ve woken up this morning to a tireless tirade of pity parties in my inbox, and news from staff members that many in our orbit are falling into victim mode.

Today I’m supposed to be inviting you into the School of Mastery, but clearly something more pressing needs to be heard.

I said it yesterday. I said it all of last week. But I’ll say it again for your benefit. Pay attention this time:

The 444 portal has accelerated EVERYTHING!

The good, the bad and the ugly.

It will have hit many of you like a ton of bricks.

It’s accelerated illness, disease, isolation, anxiety, panic, fear, death, emotional uncontrollable reactions, feelings of unworthiness, failure, debilitating perfectionism, cynicism, conspiracy, meltdowns, paralysis, financial scarcity… and the rest.

If this is you. You’re stuck. Still. But it’s not silent…. it’s noisy AF, and it’s completely and utterly debilitating.

Energy this powerful has an equal and opposite invitation waiting for you.

The portal also accelerated the following:

Money flow. Opportunity. Clearing old crap. Conscious relationship evolution. Soulful service realisation. Manifesting. Awakening. Client acquisition. Inspiration. Intuition. Healing. Personal evolution. Humanitarian evolution. The ability to see the world completely differently. Perception. The capacity to receive. The capacity to give. Kindness. Consciousness. Abundance.

You have a choice here, but it is completely impossible for you to make choices from your old paradigms. 

That’s the whole point of this New World… the old ways won’t work in it. If you try to use the old energies, you will remain stuck, and your stuckness will accelerate.

I know this seems royally unfair, because many of you may only just be feeling the weight of this global pandemic.

Many of you will want to stay in your grief and processing for a bit longer.

Many of you will have only just gotten used to the rollercoaster of your emotions, and want to stay on that ride a bit longer.

Many of you have already felt the huge personal loss of this pandemic.

We will ALL experience loss. No one is immune. 

But it’s not an excuse to stay stuck. It’s the exact opposite. 

You don’t get many choices in this New World, unfortunately, but you do get to make the ultimate life changing decision for yourself:

Are you going to stay stuck in the old ways that will paralyse you forever in your ego grief? Or are you going to take a massive leap into the unknown of the New World with messy uncomfortable action fuelled only by your Soul?

Realistically there’s only one option, and the longer you resist the choice that serves you, the harder life is going to get for you.

I wish I had better news. But I’d be doing you a massive disservice if I allowed you to think you could wallow a bit longer. The time for wallowing is over. It’s time to move.

Move with the energy you have available to you right now. That will be different for everyone. But move. For fucks sake…. MOVE!

Ladies, if you’re pre-menstrual you may want to bitch slap me for triggering the crap out of you. Thank fuck for virtual distancing ?. But seriously, you could channel that energy into movement. If you’re menstruating, the only movement you might want to make is pen across paper but journal the crap out of everything to pre-empt the inevitable movement that will come in a few days. If you’re in the spring or summer of your cycle, you need no further instruction. MOVE.

Men… take advantage of the fact that you don’t turn into the devil incarnate once a month… and MOVE!

I ought to speak to all the other genders, but I’m admittedly not fluent in this area. I’m a work in progress. Please bear with me.

Whoever you are, however you identify, wherever you are in your cycle, wherever you are in life… MOVE. Move something. Make forward motion. 


The World has changed. It will take a long time to settle. You cannot wait. You must move. 

Have I made myself clear? Get angry at me if you need to. Then shift yo’ shit.If you’re reading this, you’re more than fucking capable because you’re in my orbit which means you’re conscious, capable and ready!

Now that’s dealt with…

The School of Mastery is officially open for enrolment!

Jeez. Move your ass into this classroom. Stat.

>>> The School of Mastery <<<

My love always. Like… always!! Even when I have to shake you a little.



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April 7, 2020