I Promise I’m Worthy…

My entrepreneurial journey, is both my spiritual journey, and my emotional and personal journey.

Recent circumstances have forced me to take a birds eye view of my entrepreneurial pursuits and ask the question… what is my ‘Zone of Genius’. What am I here to do? What is my purpose? Who do I serve? How do I do this to the best of my ability?

So I reached out to clients, to peers, to friends, and to family, and I asked, ‘What do you think my zone of genius is’?

The answers came flooding back, all beautiful and positive messages full of gratitude, love and respect for my work, but one answer stood out. It simply read this:



I have goosebumps reading it back to myself.

This from the person who has watched my personal transformation over the last 10 years; from eager impatient and insanely ambitious teenager, to fully functioning adult actually making shit happen in the world!

And he attributes it all to this one thing.


Now, it wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for. But it was the answer to a question I didn’t know I needed to ask.

How have I manifested everything I’ve achieved in my life so far? And how do I continue to do that? To fulfil my purpose, to co-create with the universe, to serve for the highest good of all of us, and to live the life I deserve… one full of abundance.



And without realising it, this is actually a gift I have been bestowing on others for years.

I raise the vibrations of those around me, and help others to reach their full potential from this one basic premise.

I am a fervent believer in abundance for all. There is more than enough to go around. The reason 90% of us don’t receive it, is because we don’t believe we are worthy!

Ask, Believe, Receive is one of the Abraham Hicks teachings which first triggered my shift into the world of coaching and healing. At the time I didn’t realise it, but studying those methods and teachings changed my life. In the three years since I began that journey I have completely transformed my life, and the lives of people who have blessed me with their trust and permission to step in, and guide.

I will never forget the day those words snapped me out of my sleeping state and fired me up to pursue my destiny without apology or trepidation. It was April 2014 and I was sat on a beach of the beautiful island of Tobago, literally glued to those pages like I’d found the Akashic records in paperback!

Little did I know that my self-worth and my ‘gift’ was already being recognised by others and drawing them to me before I even had a clue. Subconsciously I was fulfilling my potential. My soul knew my journey before my physical being even realised where we were. I was attracting the very people and opportunities I needed to find my calling and deliver it.

If someone were to ask me now… ‘how do I become successful?’, my answer would be ‘start with your self worth, your self belief, and your self love’.

Everything you need is already inside of you, and you have all the tools you need to bring that to the surface and realise your full potential.

I used to say that my niche was working with creative and spiritual people. But the more I work, the more I realise we are all creative, we are all spiritual, we are all destined, and we all serve a purpose, one which elevates us all to ultimate satisfaction, success, and abundance.

All you have to do is tap in.

Self worth is the first fundamental lesson in success. Without self worth it’s almost impossible to raise your vibration. Without a high vibration everything becomes a struggle. Life is not meant to be a challenge. Challenges arise yes, but these are often blessings disguised as lessons; lessons which ultimately help us to develop our own power… our self worth.

I can show you exactly how powerful you are.

I can show you exactly how worthy you are.

I can show you the beautiful abundant soul inside.

But you don’t need me.

You just need a mirror.

There you are.

With love and light always.

Harriette x