Priestess-Flix & Chill

That’s it! That’s a wrap!! Well, we still have our epic celebration party on Monday, but the workshops and coaching sessions of 6 Days To M.O.R.E Money are officially completed and I’m walking on air at all the vibes!! 

I just want everyone to experience this feeling; the total clarity that full permission to do life and money your own way brings, the freedom that comes from releasing all anxiety and fear around your finances. There’s nothing like it, and I believe everyone should have it. We didn’t come here to stress about bills and die, we came here to experience TRUE abundance. 

So on this rainy Saturday afternoon (or even if you’re poolside somewhere sunny), I invite you to Priestess-Flix & Chill. 

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Here’s a recap of what we covered: 



Receive full permission to feel your feels when it comes to your finances; the avoidance, the anxiety, the dread, maybe even the disgust – you’ll lay it all out to dry and understand exactly HOW moolah works so you can move from fear and shame to empowered and in control. By the end of this workshop you’ll be confident to go do money YOUR way. 


Discover the easy ways to add financial depth to your offers so you can immediately increase your profits 
Learn the spiritual art of sacred daily selling so you can escape the boom and bust cycle (Source WANTS you to make more so you can reach more people with your gifts) 
Learn how to spend and save consciously so your coins stop mysteriously disappearing.
Within 24 hours of this going live we had people selling out offers, manifesting $1000 gift cards and signing new clients!


This is where we get magical. In this final workshop, I’ll share with you the 10 energy bodies that exist within you, and how to manifest cash through them daily. 
I’ll reveal the spiritual disciplines and practices necessary to replace doubt and fear with total faith and trust that M.O.R.E wealth is coming, all the time. 
The experience of this was so magical, people said it was indescribable!!


Your opportunity to have your personal breakthrough, guided by me & Mia! Watch 9 beautiful souls receive the coaching YOU need to hear. 

PLUS – you’ll have a bonus meditation to download and practice as many times as you like! 

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Happy binging!! 

Love always, 
(and the whole team!! 😘)