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A Happy Monday question for you.


How often are you tripping yourself up over the temptation to play small? Are you doing it right now?


Here are some real reasons I’ve heard from real people about why they haven’t signed up to learn numerology, even though it’s clearly something they want to do…


“I already invested in a different numerology course”

“I’ve got too much on my plate right now to really take it all in”

“I want to, but there wouldn’t really be any purpose for me learning this other than my own interest” 


It’s ok to spend money on new skills – even if you invested in something similar before. It’s all just growth, it’s all a new perspective to expand into. And when you allow soul expansion, you allow alignment.


But playing small may well be a habit for you. Something you fall back on when it’s too scary to see what’s on the other side of comfort. Eventually though, when you keep reverting to type, you revert back to the same point. The same difficulty. The same fork in the road you feel like you’ve seen a million times before.


Playing small ultimately backs you into a corner where instead of the comfort you thought you were keeping yourself in, you’re greeted with self pity and an empty bottle of wine.


So allow me to put it to you this way…


Instead of finding reasons to not do the thing you want to do, what if you simply allowed yourself to invest in you. Without having to back it up to your ego. Without having to find a rational reason why it’s ok to spend the money. What if you invested just to appease the voice inside that’s saying “man this sounds interesting as fuck”. (FYI that’s the voice of your soul, that voice wants to be appeased).


And what if by listening to that voice, and consuming information for no other reason than because it interests you, you learned something that ended the whole game of playing small forever?


Because if playing small is a habit for you, you can bet the value of this knowledge and then some it’s routed in either your soul, karma or path number. Routed in your specific challenges you face in life which are actually there to be leveraged for your highest good.


When you know WHY you find certain things challenging, you start to recognise how this plays out in your life, and you can use your gift to overcome it. Because if you hadn’t already figured out over the last week or so, you have a gift, everyone has a gift, and it’s your personal super power to be used to create destiny.


So how does this stop you playing small? Because your gift is far, far more powerful than your ego. When you understand and nurture it, it can keep your ego at bay long enough to get all the things done without succumbing to self sabotage. When you’re in your gift, the ego voice is so quiet it’s laughable. You’re aware of it, but it doesn’t phase you. Your gift is what keeps you in alignment. It’s what allows you to break down boulders and smash down walls. To elevate so far past the edge of your comfort zone, you’ll never have to think twice about where you invest your time and energy ever again. You’ll never have to waste energy to’ing and fro’ing on a decision your soul already made for you.


Your gift is what gets that skin suit of yours into 3D action.


If you’re sick of playing small, sick of pandering to your own ego and sick of ending up back in the same place; learn your gift. Nurture your gift.


But it starts with gifting yourself… with knowledge. It’s ok to spend money on new skills.


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My love always,

Harriette xxx


Posted on

February 24, 2020