Periods & Pleasure – say what?!

I’m so excited to finally be bringing you the Blood Queen masterclass! Coming into a relationship with my body’s natural rhythms, the way it communicates with me and showering it with love and acceptance instead of shame and hushed tones is one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had. 

We’re not taught about our wombs, about our menstrual cycle, about the multitude of ways our bodies speak to us. A fact that makes me rage at the patriarchy if I sit with it for too long – we’re simply told that physical and emotional pain are all just “part of being a woman”. Oh, and of course we also have to attempt to hide all of these “normal parts of being a woman” because they make us so very inconvenient to society. EUGH. 
But, our body’s language, our cycle (and yes this applies to women who don’t bleed or have a womb as well, your body still goes through cycles), is the greatest source of power you could ever imagine. It’s the most magnificent tool for navigating life, health, and purpose with pleasure and ease. I know – it’s not often we hear the terms pleasure and period in the same sentence, but that’s just because we’ve been taught NOTHING about ourselves. 
Are you ready to unlock the miracle of your menstrual cycle? Blood Queen topics include… 
🩸 The Uniqueness of Your Cycle & Getting To Know Your Personal Super Powers – How everyone experiences each day of their cycle differently. Detaching from comparison or the pressures to be a certain way or maintain a certain level of “doing”. 
🩸 How Your Menstrual Cycle May Support You In Breaking Your Karmic Cycle – We’ll figure out your personal karma via your numerology chart and look at how karmic patterns make themselves known through the cycle and how you can work with it to break them. 
🩸 When Periods Are Used As Another Way To Put Women In A Box – throwing the rules out the window, understanding what’s “normal” and learning the language of your body. 
🩸 Tracking Your Emotional Cycle – What your emotional barometer is telling you about the spiritual insights waiting to be decoded via your cycle. 
Plus much more!!

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My love always,