“Pay attention, we don’t speak english”




Mia here,  Ask Harriette’s in house certified coach. I’m normally pretty behind the scenes, but I’m dropping in today because I’ve got a few things to say about Numerology…


I first met Harriette in 2018 during her Light Tour, when she read my Numerology. I can still feel the exact moment everything suddenly made sense. My heart pounded so loud and so vividly it was as though my soul was doing a tap dance inside my chest in celebration – “thank FUCK, the penny’s finally dropped, now move that fine assed skin suit and do the damn thing we came here to do!” 


I’d fought against my spirituality and my innate gifts for a long long time (classic Karma 11). I was hiding behind a misaligned business and settling for what I was good at but didn’t love. I looked externally for answers, I overthought everything, I tried to create meanings and patterns where they didn’t exist and honestly, I drove myself a little crazy. Until Harriette passed on a message from Spirit to say:


“We’re sending you information everywhere Mia, pay attention, we don’t speak English”. 


And there it was. In my karma, in my path, in my gifts that were laying dormant. Learning the language of Numerology changed EVERYTHING. It took everything I sensed on a 5D level, and translated it into clear, 3D action.


You don’t get frustrated when you travel abroad and have to get a little creative to be understood, do you? So why are you getting frustrated with the Universe? It’s there every step of the way, it’s sending you constant signs, pay attention, it doesn’t speak English.


When I coach, I hear so many clients tell me their spirit guides don’t talk to them. What they really mean is they didn’t immediately speak in full sentences with a step by step guide on exactly what to do. Or at least they don’t think they did. They’re walking around with all the pieces of the puzzle, Numerology just shows them the final picture so they can slot them together quickly and easily.


I spent 30 years looking for answers. Armed with the language of the Universe, in just 2, I find myself nourished and abundant in my soul, my purpose, my contribution to this world, and in harmony with myself and those around me. I understand why certain people come into my life, for both positive and “negative” reasons. I can see clearly what we’re supposed to teach each other.


How often have you obsessed over a conflict with someone and bought into all the stories of how it’s not fair for someone to treat you this way. What if you could actually see WHY it was happening and what you were supposed to take from it in order to help you live your life in alignment with your purpose and ultimate destiny?


That’s the gift this shit gives you, is there a more powerful gift you could treat yourself with?

So much magical work with others has played out the way it has over the last 2 years because I could see and read our sacred soul contracts, the agreement I made with others whilst still in light form. But I wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t for Numerology. I wouldn’t be fulfilling those contracts if I didn’t have that understanding, and all of our combined magic would be lost.

What magic could you unlock for yourself if you had this understanding?


Find out.


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My behind the scenes love always,

Mia xxx


Posted on

February 23, 2020