Pay Attention To Your Thoughts First Thing In The Morning

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts First Thing In The Morning

^ These are the thoughts that create your reality

The thoughts that taunt you as you’re making your morning coffee, or preparing the laundry before anyone else is up.

The thoughts that sneak in as you snooze between alarm calls, and follow you to the shower as you spend those waking moments in silence.

Just you and your thoughts.

The thoughts that strike again as the post comes through the letterbox

“What bills await us today? How will we manage this one?”

The thoughts that pop back up as you escape into your social media scrolling alternate-reality, only to be greeted with “but you could never have that”.

Thoughts that squash your dreams, suffocate your goals, play with your motivation, and leave you feeling flat, deflated, and almost out of fight.

But just enough fight to get on with your day and ‘try’.

Trying with the thought that it’s ultimately in vain but trying SOMETHING feels better than succumbing to nothing.

We won’t cave to those thoughts, right [Harriette]?

Wrong! You already did. You just didn’t realise it.

If the thoughts are there, they are running your life, they are creating your reality, they are holding you back.

The subconscious thoughts are the MOST powerful thoughts of our co-creation and our manifestation.

Masking over those thoughts with high-vibe action, or hustle, or frantic distraction and to-do lists that convince you you’re doing ALL THE THINGS, isn’t going to achieve anything. Not a single thing.

You may as well be on a hamster wheel.

We can pretend all we like that we’re shifting, changing, doing the work, putting in the hours… but if those thoughts still enter your head at any conscious level, they are still a part of your programming.

And that is exactly what’s holding you back and exactly what we need to get rid of and replace pronto before it takes another year of life. And then another. And then another. And then another.

Do something brave, unusual, ‘unlike you’. Create a pattern interrupter in those thoughts.

It’s time to take charge

I got you

My love always



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October 23, 2018