Part 2. Back By Popular Demand!

Hey Gorgeous

Part 2 from the story of the haters

Here’s what I’m understanding at this point in time

There are two types of people:

  1. Those who just don’t get it, and hate on people like me
  2. People who really do get it, and are therefore ready to step up and do something about it

I know you fall into box number 2

The thing about falling into box number 2 is that it’s not always clear where to go once you’ve realised there’s more to life than your current reality.

You know your Soul is waking up. You can feel yourself shifting. Your mind is opening, you’re manifesting like a mofo (sometimes accidentally the non-desired results), and you feel like you’re on the brink of a breakthrough of some sort, but you’ve no idea what!

Something I’ve noticed about every single one of my clients (yes 100%) is this:

They come for the Money, but they stay for the Magic.

Everyone is drawn to me because I teach Money Mindset in a really different way. A mind blowing way actually.

My knowledge of and connection to the Universe is matched by very few in my field. 

As the Leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK, my clients come to me thinking they’re going to get a money mindset makeover. Of course they get this. But they also get SO SO SO much more. It’s like they didn’t realise what existed on the other side of a powerful mindset. And trust me it’s way more than money!

p.s. if you’re one of my clients reading this, can you hit reply and give me a hell yes?! I’d love to show the gram who you are!

Here is what I know to be true about every single person reading this:

  1. You are here to have a human physical emotional experience
  2. You are here to make a difference in the world (no matter how big or small your definition of ‘world’ is)
  3. You are awake and ready to change something in your life
  4. You are ready for more
  5. You’re manifesting the angel who is going to help ‘more’ happen

Here is what I know about me:

  1. I’m here to have a human physical emotional experience
  2. I’m making huge ripples in the world (even in the worlds of those who love to hate me)
  3. My awakening and the awakening of others is what drives me to do what I do
  4. I am ALWAYS ready for more, and I will never settle
  5. I manifest everything I want all the time, and I know I’m a part of my clients manifestations (and that bit is truly an honour)

Here is what I know about the Universe:

  1. She fucking loves you (yes she is a she to me)
  2. Her energy is expansive and will magnify yours all day ‘err day
  3. Money is just one of the ways she chose to abundantly support you
  4. She will never die, or stop serving you. Neither will money. 
  5. She is calling to you to step up and do what you’re born to do

Here’s what I know about Money:

  1. We have a right and a responsibility to Abundance

That’s it. I don’t need more points on this one.

It comes down to a few very simple facts:

  1. Money is energy
  2. Like energy, money needs to flow through the path of least resistance
  3. Money can’t run out
  4. An absence of money in your life is the absence of consciousness, self-development, self-worth and/or Source connection
  5. Money problems have nothing to do with money and everything to do with mindset and energy

Since I closed the doors on the Money Mindset System a few weeks ago, I’ve been greeted by a chorus of “nooooo I missed it, will you be running it again?!”

My answer:

Yes of course. But next time, it’s getting a rebrand and a heap of new content so the price is going UP. Like way up. 

Don’t worry, if you’ve already got the Money Mindset System, you will get all these upgrades completely for free. Once you’re in the gang, you’re in for life! I like to be treated like a Queen, so naturally everyone in my tribe also gets treated like a Queen (or King). 

Earlier today I shared all the hate I’ve been getting on Facebook. I dealt with a lot of that hate on my way over to the states to host a Spiritual Money Mindset VIP Day. 

When I walked into that room full of conscious enlightened women who were fully showing up in their Light ready to learn EVEN MORE about Money Mindset, the love I felt from them was REAL.

I experienced contrast in the most mind blowing way. 

And then my heart sank.

How is the world still so fricking divided?

How do we have so many who still struggle to step into abundance in the most simplest of ways? And yet we have all these glowing beings who exist on the other side of the scale after completing their programmes and packages with me. 

I wish I could reach more people. I wish I could change more lives. I wish I could create more transformation… from hater… to glowing sparkling abundant success stories.

Since so many of you have asked about my Money Mindset System recently, I kinda figured well why not?!

I am here to serve. I am here to bring the true meaning of abundance back to planet Earth. 

And why deny you that opportunity to transform into abundance?

I want you to learn something from reading this email:

You would not have been born if you weren’t meant for abundance.

You have a right and a responsibility to abundance. 

It is OK to be having a hard time with money. This is all a part of your transformation. 

Opportunities are for the taking.

You deserve to have more.

Say it with me:

I am ready for change and transformation.

Actually say it out loud (even my coach still makes me say stuff out loud).

I am ready for change and transformation. 

I deserve to be abundantly supported by the Universe. 

I am owning my responsibility to step into a new conscious chapter in my life.

Back by popular demand, I am opening the Money Mindset System ONE LAST TIME before the price goes up.

48 hours only.

No gimmicks. No discount codes. No fuss.

Just inspired action. A commitment to yourself.

The declaration that you’re ready.

And I’ll take you on a journey that will blow your freakin’ mind. 

Say it one more time:

I am ready for change and transformation!

For more details, testimonials, and payment plans:

>>> The Money Mindset System <<<

You have 48 hours.

My love always




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January 30, 2019