Our official response to CoronaVirus



Following a lengthy team meeting at Ask Harriette HQ, we’re delighted to announce a series of initiatives to help and support our Global community in this time of crisis.

The Priestess Collective

The PC is a brand new conscious community initiative which will provide an abundance of free resources and support, not only from the team at Ask Harriette, but also from our Priestesses-In-Training, our clients, and people in our wider global network. Expect news of free masterclasses & webinars, free trainings, incentives, meditations, guidance, support networks, and much more as the Collective grows.

I will personally be hosting a Spiritual Shift Masterclass inside the Priestess Collective, and sharing with you my unfiltered thoughts on Corona – what it is, and what it isn’t.

School of Mastery 

Plus, we’ve opened up enrolment for the School of Mastery ahead of schedule at a hugely discounted rate so we can help facilitate mastery of your mindset, your emotions, your energetic self, and even your business, and relationships…. for just £4.44 for 14 days!!

Ahead of the pending global lock down, we’re all looking for things to do, ways to stay productive and positive, and we thought what better, than to give you access to the School of Mastery for less than a fiver!

>>> Join Now <<<

Scholarships and Grants

And if that’s not enough, this pandemic has also served as the catalyst for the birth of Ask Harriette Scholarships and Grants, to help those people with massive Soul goals, who genuinely can’t afford to hire the team here at Ask Harriette. Stay tuned for more details on the application process over the coming months.

On a far more serious note, I’ve witnessed something even more damning than the Coronavirus in one of our Priestesses-In-Training….

Yesterday I received a message from her stating, “H, I think I’m out”. And my heart broke. For her, and for me.

This message was from a woman who was due to join us today for the first Priestess Ring training, but in response to the Coronavirus pandemic has chosen instead to subscribe to fear, and snuff the flame on her Soul Calling.

There’s only one thing worse than fear, and that’s allowing fear to completely debilitate your Soul calling. 

If we aren’t following the call of our Soul… are we even living?

Corona might be killing people…. but there’s something much scarier out there… the fear that kills your Soul but allows your physical body to still wander the planet. 

Maybe the Zombie apocalypse has already arrived… food for thought.

Please don’t let Fear take over. It’s not worth your life, your Soul, your joy, or your right and responsibility to abundance.

Consider using this time to join the School of Mastery and unlock all that has been holding you back.

And, for one or two of you out there… consider training to become a Priestess. There is now a gap in the Ring which is aching for a woman of courage and strength to step up and lead alongside me and fellow Priestesses in the Ring. If there’s one thing Coronavirus has truly triggered in me, it’s the fear that there aren’t enough Priestesses in the world to lead, heal, and combat the pandemic that has been killing Souls for hundreds of years.

I can’t fight this on my own. Who will join me? I’ll be announcing the other women in the Priestess Ring very shortly, and I’ll also be back with news of the Priestess Collective once the team have finalised the website.

Speak soon

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay conscious AF!

My love always



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March 19, 2020