Our arms are open




Team AH here checking in on the first week of your 2020!


Whilst H is busy doing her Priestess thang and putting the world to rights, we wanted to ask you honestly how you’re doing, and if you’re in the right container to contribute to that righted world this year.


You’re probably back in “work mode” after the all the festivities, and that might look like 1 of 3 possibilities:


  1. Knowing EXACTLY how you’re showing up, how you’re serving, and staying vibey AF whilst you do it (Rock on, and please share with us so we can celebrate you)
  2. Knowing who you are and how you’d LIKE to serve, but absolutely no idea on what to do to make it happen.
  3. Hoping and praying that 2020 won’t be a repeat of 2019 – lots of dreams, good intentions, but little to nothing to show for them


If you’re a 2 or a 3, we’d like to open our arms to you in one of the final spaces in either the Priestess Pods or the Soul Money Mastermind.


If you already know you want us right by your side…


<< Book in here to chat about joining the Priestess Pods >> 


<< Book in here to chat about joining the Soul Money Mastermind >>


You’ll have heard Harriette talking lots recently about The Rich Mentality. A true embodiment of which requires no “work mode”. Ever.


In the pods and mastermind, we’ll guide you to embodying this so that those dreams and intentions come to effortless fruition in 2020.


Last year’s Pod & Mastermind clients achieved…


?Their most successful financial months ever


?A whole new way of doing business which lights up their soul (Which has their audience suddenly paying attention, because they feel the high vibes and authenticity)


? Their money mindset is changed forever for the better


? A solid relationship with their intuition and the courage to follow it


? Upgraded their abundant support systems


? Reunited with their soul path and therefore their financial destiny


? Sold out courses and programs without even “launching” (The Priestess way to offer your services is seriously so much fun!)


? Even greater results for their own clients


? Becoming booked solid for the next 6 months


? Doubled their projected income for the first half of this year


? Deeper, more fulfilling connections both with clients and personal relationships


? Simplified business systems to eliminate the “hustle”


? An understanding of both their personal energy and universal energy and how to work with it to support their goals


? A fully mapped out 2020 with the most aligned strategy


? Broken out of self sabotaging cycles


? Learned the art of “The Priestess Pivot”


? Created brand new offerings that deliver their true superpower to the world


? Upgraded their marketing and messaging


Most of those clients have stayed with us (like all Ask Harriette clients, they come for the money and stay for the magic).


But there are still just a couple of spots left in both. 


The Priestess Pods are for you if you’ve got a business idea you’d like to get off the ground, or have a business but are yet to make any “real” money.


<< Book a call to chat with H about joining the Pods >>


The Soul Money Mastermind if for you if you’re already making £30k+ a year, and would like to fast track to 6 figures.

<< Book a call to chat with H about joining the Mastermind >>

We can’t wait to serve you!


All our love,


Team AH xxx


Posted on

January 8, 2020