Online Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs

This weeks post, dedicated to you, my students and mentees, who continue to inspire and amaze me daily. You guys rock!

Those who have the strength and passion to follow their dreams, are those who become world leaders, innovators, movers & shakers, and my favourite of all… the music makers.

Here’s to you in pursuit of your world changing, earth shattering, creative genius. I hope some of these tools and tricks I’ve acquired over the last 9 years help you jump a few more hurdles.

Diary Management (my personal faves out of hundreds of options):

Vcita –

Acuity –

Both amazing, read the briefs to see which would fit your style of working the best. Crucially, both are completely integrate-able with every other tech tool you might possibly want to use, either directly, or using Zapier.

Taking Payments (again out of hundreds of options):

Stripe (changed my life) –

Braintree (very close second) –

Paypal (because it has brand power but the fees aren’t great) –

Scheduling Social Media:

Buffer (wins in my eyes) –

Edgar (possibly too expensive but have a look) –

Hootsuite (served me brilliantly for years before buffer) –

Onlyput (still the only software that will publish direct to Instagram without annoying pop up reminders on your phone) –

Email tools:

Outlook (even when I switched to Mac from Windows I couldn’t find a better replacement for managing multiple inboxes) –

Mailchimp (for email marketing and autoresponders it is still the best on the market for starting small and grows with you – I’m 6 businesses in and still using it without complaint) –

DIY Website Builders:

Wix (not perfect yet but the development team are great and it has progressed a lot in the last few years with more exciting things to come) –

WordPress (for the more tech savvy this is the definitely the one for more enhanced digital marketing uses) – (not org)

Personalised emails and domains:

Google for work apps (integrates with Wix so personalised emails can be set up directly through your Wix dashboard) –

123-reg (for purchasing domains, but this can also be done directly through Wix without the need to touch an external domain management platform) –

Bookkeeping and accounts (there’s only one hands down winner):

Xero (because it integrates with just about EVERYTHING and does most of the work for you) –

Commerce Sync (transfers all your sales through Stripe directly to Xero so you don’t have to lift a finger) –

Design Tools:

Canva (brilliant for creating all your social media images, blog titles and more) –

Pic Monkey (online photo editing software to rival Photoshop) –

Branded email signature (and totally free) –

Other cool stuff:

Creative studios for hire in London (for the sake of total transparency, I own this place) –

Evernote (for capturing your genius on the go, the webclipper tool is particularly awesome) –

Google Drive (best cloud storage to avoid agonising laptop and hard drive losses) –

Asana (if you have a team this is a wicked project delegation and collaboration tool) –

Calm (meditation app to keep you, well, calm!) –


I hope some of these tools help to save time, reduce stress, and take a little work off of your hands so you can spend more time being you… in all your creative genius!

For more help and advice on these tools, using them, and finding a system that really works for you, head over to the Ask Harriette club and join up for just £2 ?

Until next time beauties

With love

Harriette x