Numerology – The Secret Power of Numbers


Hey you,

Have you ever wondered what it is you’re supposed to be doing in this world?  Why you’re here and exactly what your Soul intended to achieve with this life?

Do you have clients coming to you looking for those answers, and realise you’re just as stuck as they are trying to figure it out?

Or loved ones struggling with clarity and a sense of mission, asking you because you’re “the spiritual one”, but you just don’t know how to help them.

Or perhaps you simply desire to understand more about yourself. To decode those soul contracts you came down to Earth with so you can get to work fulfilling your own mission.

Allow me to guide you through learning the forgotten language, which once mastered allows you to read any Soul Destiny Blueprint as easily as you’re reading this invitation.

Numerology is the number 1 tool I use to help clients, and just about everyone in my life, with exactly this. Offering insights into the Soul that no other Divination tool can offer, truly every life question can be answered using this powerful, ancient language.

Armed with nothing more than a date of birth  and an intimate understanding of the vibrations of numbers 1 to 11, it is possible to deduce a person’s gifts and challenges, what their Soul desires to contribute in this lifetime, as well as what their Soul desires to receive and experience in this lifetime.

Your  date of birth is no coincidence, it did not happen by chance. Your Soul chose that exact date prior to incarnation. In fact your Soul carefully and meticulously created an entire blueprint in which your whole life is dictated by sequential milestones designed to facilitate our evolution and ascension into consciousness whilst on Planet Earth.

Unfortunately many people get stuck at these milestones and don’t progress through life as intended because they’re unable to read the language of their Soul Blueprints. Instead, they find themselves trapped in perpetual cycles of scarcity, frustration, and longing, without any clear guidance as to where to look next.


Numerology allows us to clear the fog and confusion.

You already have every piece of guidance you could ever need, you just need to remember how to read it.


Over the course of 8 weeks  I will guide you through a series of masterclasses  reintroducing you to the history of numerology, the energy of the numbers, and how to read and interpret this information both in birth charts and in daily communication from Source.


You DO NOT NEED to join the calls live as replays will be added to the dashboard where you will have lifetime access.

How many times have you seen 11:11  on your clock? Or noticed car registration plates with 888 or 333?

Numerology is everywhere, yet still forgotten.

Our Universe is so much more complex than recurring digits, it has so much to teach and guide us in this required time of raising the collective vibration. It’s my desire and duty that the intricacies of this magic are shared far and wide.

It’s time I pass on my knowledge.

It’s time to teach Numerology.

This Divine skill is previously something I’ve only ever passed on to those who train as Priestesses under me, but this magic could now be yours to use for yourself, for your loved ones, and for your clients.

Imagine no longer struggling  to figure out what it is you’re meant to do in this world and having to second guess yourself all the time.

Imagine knowing exactly what your gifts are and how to use them .

The indisputable information we acquire from Numerological readings has the power to change lives.

Allow me to put that power in your hands.

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My love always



Posted on

February 13, 2020