Numerology In Years

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Diving into people’s birth charts and discovering the secrets of their numerology is one of my all time favourite things to do. It uncovers SO much that would otherwise take decades with other methods, or worse, remain undiscovered for an entire incarnation (the opposite of the point!). 

In the past, I’ve been known to combine a client’s birth chart with a timeline of their significant life moments written by them…

As I naturally feel in to the energy of the past, I calculate the numerological energy of each year and cross-reference that with the numerological chart of the client I’m reading, giving me much deeper insight into why so many things happened in childhood that are stand out memories for the client, and how that is impacting them now, and what it means for the fulfilment of their Soul purpose.


A psychologist, or a hypnotherapist, would typically go through memory recall and discuss childhood in an effort to heal wounds and trauma. Even a past life regressionist would explore the past of the current incarnation, but no one, other than a Priestess, would cross reference the information with the energy of the time, and the energy of the birth date of the client. 


In fact most numerologists don’t look at the past at all, or indeed the future. They simply read a numerological chart to give you an indication of your strengths and weaknesses. 


My passion for numerology comes from years of study and application, and the understanding that there’s so much more to it than the books, or google, or would have you believe (please avoid this website for your sanity… I know the rebellious amongst you are now going to have a look, lol, I would too it’s ok!).


I’ve been using numerology for years to predict major events in politics, societal shifts, patriarchal dismantling and much more. I wonder if you’ve heard my predictions for the coming years?


2021 is a year of the relationships we have with our bodies (hello rise in holistic health)

2022 is a year of new spiritual communities growing en mass

2023 is a year of independent strength  & ‘glow’


This is just the bare bones. Obviously there’s a lot more to understand but my intention here is to whet your appetite for the artistry, magic, and insight numerology has to offer so many of us. 


Numerology is an ancient language long forgotten, but once revived has the power to speak through emotions, directly to the Soul. 


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