Numerology at Parents Evening with my 4 year old!

This morning I had “parents evening” at my daughters school. She’s only in pre-school so it was a quick morning appointment at drop off.

As her teacher was sharing observations about her development and progress, my mind immediately went to her numerology chart, and I was nodding and smiling in absolute recognition of how her numbers are already playing out in her life at 4 years old!

Ostara has a tendency to hold back on answering questions if she’s not 100% certain she’s got the right answer. She’ll hesitate on trying something if she’s not sure she’s going to be successful. A classic case of Karma 10!! We all see her as THE MOST confident kid. She’s always been so independent and happy to chat to people – a social butterfly from day one.

BUT, despite the confidence that we see in her, she doesn’t always see it in herself. She’s one of the most academically advanced kids in her class (according to her teacher) and is already doing addition at the level of an 8 year old, but her teachers and parents have all observed that sometimes she hesitates on volunteering an answer to a more complex question, or a new learning, because she’s scared to get it wrong.

She’s also a Soul 3, and therefore a natural creative artistic being, and again we’ve known this since before she could walk and talk. Granted she has very musical parents, yes, but the innate rhythm and affection for creative expression has been there long before nurturing took hold. She used to sway and bottom shuffle, before she could crawl, in response to music so damn cute! As a 4 year old, she’s always on the piano at home and commanding us to watch her latest ballet performances and interpretations to “Alexa play ballet music”. It’s delightful! And yet I know what’s coming….

In the car on the drive home, Stephen my husband was reflecting on the teachers comments and asking how we best support her with her confidence to which I said:

“Consider her numerology chart. She’s got a 3 and a 10 both in challenge positions. When speaking to a challenge position, we need to speak with words of strength, not of further challenge, so for example instead of challenging her to try harder or just have a guess when she’s expressing that she’s not sure of answer, we can instead speak affirmations and confirmations that she’s more than capable, and that having a guess is still a really confident thing to do. In doing this she’ll be able to witness & cultivate her own confidence which will help her resolve her karma.”

Stephen immediately recognised how he’d been speaking to her previously with a challenge tone to his voice, assuming she would be motivated in the same way he is motivated, but Stephen’s chart is very different to hers. Stephen’s strengths are in an innate sense of personal power (Destiny 8), and a natural gift for problem solving and building solutions (Gift 7).

I then went on to share further insights with him so we can support her as parents by having an innate understanding of her energetic blueprint. I shared this with him:

“As a Soul 3, combined with that Karma 10, at some point she’s going to start being quite hard on herself about her creative, artistic and ambitious pursuits. We all see her as this amazingly confident, musical and creative child, but she’s already showing signs she doesn’t see herself this way. As she gets older I imagine she’ll be very self critical about her music, or dance, or whichever other ambitions she desires to pursue. It’s a classic case of a Soul 3… very self critical but also struggling to see themselves as the creative confident beings we see them as! She’ll need lots of affirmation, confirmation & validation from us as her support team until she learns to cultivate it within herself. Obviously when she’s old enough I’ll explain her chart to her and that will do a lot to remove her internal battle of self-inflicted negation vs. desire to be an expressively creative and confident being.”

At this point I half expected Stephen to be mind blown and excited to have such deep insights into our daughter but he just said “yep, I get it, sounds like a good plan, great!”. I guess he’s been married to a Priestess too long. These conversations are now deemed normal in our household haha! 

 A woman is not just a woman. She’s an entire lineage. We hold the eggs of our grandchildren when we carry our daughters in our womb. 

The insights I share, the teachings I deliver, the channeled messages I bring through into this world, are not just for me, they’re for my whole lineage.

I would love to gift you, your daughters, your sons, and your lineage, the gift of this language, so you can support their evolution & growth into well-balanced, fully expressed, wise, compassionate & intuitive individuals, with a strong knowledge of self, the Universe, and one another, as their foundation from which to contribute to the world.

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