Now It’s Time: The Priestess Collective



I’ve been quiet for a reason.

Because you needed to process.
To feel your fears and anxieties.
To be with your own thoughts.

I’ve been quiet because you needed to listen to your soul.

I’ve been quiet because I needed you to be ready.

I am still your Priestess. And now it’s time.

On  Wednesday 1st April at 1pm UK, I’ll be sharing my full and unfiltered response to Coronavirus and what it means for humanity.

I know you’ve been waiting.

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Join me for The Priestess Perspective.

No pitching. No false promises. No upselling.

Just real truth, direct from Source, through the High Priestess herself.


The Priestess Perspective is borne as part of a bigger movement:


An Online Space For Conscious Community And Collaboration In The Face Of Coronavirus

There is choice available at every moment.

At a time when it may seem as though your choices are being stripped away, your freedom, future and even life itself is threatened, The Priestess Collective comes together in service to remind you to choose consciousness.

The Priestess Collective is a brand new conscious community initiative, rising up to cure you from fear, providing an abundance of free resources and support, not only from the team at Ask Harriette, but also from our Priestesses-In-Training, our clients, and people in our wider global network.

Expect news of free masterclasses & webinars, free trainings, incentives, meditations, guidance, support networks, and much more as the Collective grows into a hub of information, knowledge, spiritual guidance and support.

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My love always

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March 30, 2020