Not enough. Not even close.

This one’s for the coaches. For the mentors. For guides and healers and anyone who desperately wants to make a difference in the world but so often feels eclipsed by the “saturation” of this beautiful industry. 
I want to see you thriving. I want to see your business making an impact. I want you to glow up and radiate so far and wide that those requiring your skillset and your love can’t help but find themselves in your orbit. I’ve a feeling humanity actually depends on this. 
The very real problem with the world is that we’re all unhealed, wounded, traumatised individuals projecting our pain all over everyone else.
Those of us who recognise this are faced with the mountainous truth that as we try to heal ourselves, we’re also trying to support our clients in their healing whilst simultaneously trying to NOT traumatise our children, knowing full well if we do we create yet another generation of unhealed humans who project their pain all over everyone they can.
In this regard we are fully aware of the fact that there’s still not enough of us who know what we know, practice what we know and teach what we know.
And somehow, bizarrely, the next mountain we face is the one that tells us there’s already too many of us and we’re all fighting for space in this self development industry. That we’re somehow not good enough or loud enough or important enough to make a difference. That the difference should be left to the others. But yet there’s not enough others to actually make the difference. 
So depending on which perspective you find yourself in on any given day, there’s not enough coaches and also too many coaches.
Which is the truth?

The truth is that we’re an entire planet of unhealed, traumatised, wounded individuals projecting our pain on to the people around us.

Humanity is crying for help.
You have what it takes to help. And you don’t need to be louder, you don’t need to be pushier, you don’t need to ‘stand out’ more or figure out a more specific niche. There are 8 BILLION wounded people on this planet, each and every one of those needs a whole army of healers. 
In November this year, on the 11/11 portal, we begin The Way of The Priestess. This is for the woman who hears the whispering call of a purpose far greater than she ever imagined, who yearns to heal and serve and become a presence of pioneering, paradigm building power for us all. 
In this journey, you will discover the ancient sisterhood of women who devote their lives to the service of others. Who are willing to live their human experience for the benefit of the collective and who are able to give themselves entirely to the evolution and healing of the people who walk this Planet. You will discover the Priestess craft and become intimate with the way she moves, the way she loves, the way she creates impact, the way she applies her presence and the way she channels her purpose above the noise and into the hearts of those who need her.
To be clear, this is not formal Priestess training, you will not initiate as a Priestess in this container, but you will get to know the Priestess intimately. You will understand her presence, her power, her humility. You will learn to view yourself, humanity and the world through her eyes, and you will come to understand the magic she performs for the benefit of all. You will see clearly what it means to walk the path of the Priestess and should you wish to do so, this will become the foundation of your future initiation. 
Don’t be surprised if the weight of her work buckles your knees and cracks open your heart. This is a level of service that very few can actually stomach, that very few are actually delivering, but in return, provides you with a sense of mission and purpose that can sustain you through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This is a level of service that has the potential to dissolve the paradigm that has us all so wounded in the first place and lay the foundations of a brand new era for humanity. Don’t let the echo chamber of the online world fool you, there aren’t NEARLY enough of us doing this work. 
The Way of The Priestess is currently on Early Bird at £888. 
>> Come and walk beside me << 
Love always,