No-One Is Immune 

Do you ever find yourself wanting to throw your phone out the window of a skyscraper just so you can get one moment without the voice of literally almost every single other person on the planet? 
Do you have days where opening Instagram feels like a sensory attack as multiple different sounds and shapes force their latest sale in your face or insist on informing you why you’re a shit person all at the same time? 
Are there moments where you wonder if silence even still exists, or if it’s merely a fantasy, a fictional concept teasing an adult fairytale of peace and quiet? 
The world has reached peak communication. We’re never not in contact with each other. Remember “brb” from the 00’s? We don’t “brb” anymore. We live here. And it’s loud, constant and exhausting. And worst of all, the noise has drowned out our own voices to the point of not even being certain what our own voices sound like anymore. 
When you can’t hear your own voice, you become susceptible to the projections of the voice that happens to be loudest. 
You become easily distracted. 
You become open to emotional hijacking – which is really great news for people who want to profit on your state of deafness, but not such great news for your sense of peace and fulfillment. 
When you can’t hear your own voice, you become a follower, and you lose your sovereignty. 
That overwhelming desire to throw your phone out the window of a skyscraper is your own voice desperately trying to be heard. Maybe don’t throw your phone from a great height, but take it as a signal to at least switch it off for a bit and find yourself in that sweet, sweet silence. 
Leaders are born in silence. 
When you turn down the noise of the outside world and turn up the volume of your inner voice, you remember what it is you actually want, what you need, what you desire to be and do in this world as the most raw, unfiltered version of YOU. You start to find a sense of peace in the truth of your Soul as you release yourself from the constant comparison the online world serves as a breeding ground for. You start to become immune to the projections of others that have been influencing the way you run your life and business and take full ownership of your human experience. You become sovereign once more. 
This is probably a good point to tell you that it’s Mia, from Harriette’s team writing to you today. I want to share a personal story about the two of us and sovereignty that’s unfolded over the last couple of years. No-one is immune to the influence of others. 
It’s human nature to see someone experience what you want to experience and assume that to get it you must do everything they’ve done. But the truth is, when you decide that someone else knows how to create the life and business you truly desire better than you do, you immediately give your power away to them. Without your power, you’re not creating very much at all, it’s what literally breathes life into your manifestations. 
As a projector in Human Design, my unique gift is knowing and seeing people sometimes better than they know and see themselves. I’m able to witness energy in it’s purity and guide it in the direction that expresses that purity. H and I often joke about how when I say something like “would you like my thoughts on this?” what I really mean is “I’ve been observing this for a while and I’m waiting for your invitation for me to clean up this shit show” 

I’ve watched and guided her over the last couple of years as she’s navigated her own experience of giver her power away, collapsing her Sovereignty and succumbing to putting the successes of others on a pedestal she must pay to join them on. Only you don’t pay to reach that pedestal with money, you pay with your power, only to find it’s unreachable. Because not only is the way of another misaligned for you, applying a hierarchy to the infinite available ways to create something is the fastest way to ensure you put yours firmly at the bottom, unwittingly removing it’s priceless value. 

And so each time Harriette has found herself handing her power over to something or someone, I’ve witnessed the anxiety and doubt it creates. I’ve observed and held the tightness in the company. I’ve made space for the frustration and disappointment of the silver bullet not working. And when she’s ready, I’ve lovingly guided her back to herself. I’ve reflected to her who she is. I’ve shared with her the purity of her heart and Soul that I see so deeply and clearly so she can once again see it for herself. And then we get to work doing what we do best – Priestessing the shit out of life, business, money and energetic intelligence. Her in her creative, bubbly, magical, grounded, sassy Priestess of Light way and me in my gentle, calm, humourful, caring, insightful Priestess of Presence way. 
In The Sovereign Reign Mastermind, this is exactly what you’ll do with us. You’ll step into circle with women who are ready to become leaders and switch off the noise of the world in order to amplify the voice of your heart and Soul. Business is futile without the total radiance of your heart and Soul. The first step to not only an abundant life, but a fulfilled one, is being led by nothing other than your own heart. 
It allows you to be open to the support of others, but never the influence of them. It allows you to receive connection from others, but never direction. Your open, leading heart lets you co-create with others, in sacred spaces such as this mastermind. It protects you from losing yourself to “their way” and keeps you firmly on the path of your way. And when you’re following your way, you lose the doubt, you lose the anxiety and the overwhelm and the distrust, because your sovereignty is rooting you into your own power. 
We start on the 18th January. Over 4-5 months you’ll receive: 
 A dedicated Telegram space for daily mastermind and evolving your leadership 

Spontaneous zoom calls when it suits the group and the conversation 

A 1-1 day with Harriette once per month


A 1-1 day with me once per month
Will you step into circle with us? 

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