Necessary journal entry


This morning I found myself less than vibey and just not feeling the day ahead, so I set aside 20 minutes to journal my way back to my best self, and the last sentence is something I wanted to share, because I figured you probably needed to hear this too:

“Allow your desires to be the vessel for conscious contribution and making the world a better place”

Sometimes we forget we have a right and a responsibility to abundance

Sometimes we forget it’s OK to want what we want

Sometimes we forget how to move through our emotions to ultimate success

Sometimes we forget that the things our heart beats for, are the very things that we are SUPPOSED to respond to

?Your desires are your Souls way of reminding you what you’re destined for

?Your desires hold all the answers you need to move forward

?Your desires can unlock your abundance if you’d just ALLOW them to be heard, honoured, and acted upon.

What do you want? What would feel good for you today?

Stop making excuses and honour that desire. Move your schedule. Release some obligations. Create the space to fulfil whatever it is that you want. 

This simple shift will open your energy up to stepping in to your right and responsibility to abundance.

You’re welcome

My love aways


p.s. I had a nap in the middle of the afternoon, and woke up to a new download from Source and an extra 2k in sales. Not bad for honouring my desires!


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October 17, 2019