Nasties. Nunnies. And Numerology.


Nasties = patriarchally conditioned trolls.

Nunnies = the word the British use when we can’t quite bring ourselves to say pussy or vagina.

Numerology = the ancient language of the Universe revealed!


What a fucking day.

➡️It started last night with a delightful human being who decided to attack me on social media. He’s trying to build an online community… his approach is somewhat questionable.  The trolling has continued all day.

➡️Today I’m having my own pussy power experience… new to tracking my menstrual cycle emotionally (rather than energetically which I’ve been doing for years) has led me down a rabbit hole of epic, but tearful, discovery & manifestation. Everything I always wanted actualised TODAY. In one day. It’s a lot.

And then…

➡️Despite many obstacles, I did a Facebook live in which I taught numerology and did four live readings, and to say I’m wiped would be a fucking understatement.

So for a minute I sat in “OMFG everything is happening and it’s incredible but I also want to hide from the whole world right now”, and almost instantaneously rebounded into… “of course, my Destiny is 8. This was always going to happen.” And I relaxed, straight into selfless service (as it’s a 4 year), and straight into this letter.

Thing is the inevitable doesn’t always happen. Since knowing my numerology chart, I’ve also known today, the actualisation of everything I always wanted, was always going to be on the cards, but without my chart, I would have remained lost, misguided, doubtful, and fearful, probably never arriving at the Destiny I had in store for myself before I incarnated.

I see so many people trapped in this predicament. They just don’t know what they’re meant to be doing here, which aspects of self they’re meant to be working on, how they’re meant to be contributing, and which aspects of themselves are designed to challenge them, and which aspects are just ego and patriarchal conditioning.

It’s a mind-field.

No wonder so people end up in therapy and hiring coaches to find answers these days. What are you ACTUALLY meant to be working on? Where do you even start?!

You start with numerology.

Numerology is your life map. It’s the instruction manual you’re born with. It shows you your strengths, and challenges, your karma, and your destiny, your life energy, the path you’ll tread, and ultimately what you need to do to fulfil your Soul purpose.

Even a basic numerology reading (done properly, not from one of the free websites), will give you a lot of clarity around which aspects of yourself you need to work on in order to leverage your strengths into a life of abundance and fulfilment. 

I’ve been doing chart readings for years. And for a long time I’ve resisted passing on the knowledge, because it’s pretty powerful stuff. But it’s clear from my chart I’m not meant to keep this knowledge for myself. Other things in my Destiny are being actualised and it’s time for me to pass on the magic so it can be spread globally, by you, learning it, teaching it, and sharing it with your loved ones and clients. 

You have a desire to help people. I know that without reading your chart because every human being has this desire. One of the ways you can help people IMPACTFULLY is with the gift of a numerology reading. 

Ready to learn?

I just launched the first every Priestess Numerology Training Programme!

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Can’t wait to pass this magic on to you, it’s honestly, life transforming!

My love always



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February 11, 2020