My Spirit Team Just Delivered a Pre-Portal Pre-Channel Pre-View 🤯

My Spirit Team just delivered a pre-portal pre-channel pre-view 🤯

I’m surprised they’re letting me do this but here we go…. 🙈

(You can also listen to the audio recording on the app, or in the Ask Harriette Telegram Family group)

Trying to see the future without facing the past is a human mixology. It’s quite a skill we’ve developed, a coin with just one side, but does it serve us?

So desperate are we to plough into the future that we find ourselves eternally trapped in the past, searching for what is missing, what we don’t know & understand. Frustration plagues the body that hops timelines in pursuit of the stillness he doesn’t know he desires.

A portal of 8 collapses the past and the future in on itself so you can know in an instant what it is you actually desire. You’ll see what you’ve been failing to see all year; a year in which you’ve donned a pair of future goggles whilst simultaneously declaring “this is it, this is my year”. If this is your year, why do you keep running from it?

Time is not the only thing that collapses in the portal. So does power. Or rather the human definition and perception of power.

These bizarre ideas you have about manifestation, and energy, and even Universal Law… such complex ways to explain something so simple.

In the year you called 2020 we warned you something was coming out, being revealed about yourselves. This year you call 2022 is the consequence of that redaction. It plagues your bodies and you feel it in what you call your emotions. In the next cycle (2023) you will be faced with the truth of the past.

As with all things in the Universe there are polarities and dualities available. Nothing is good nor bad. Nothing is to be feared, or revered.

Before the anticipation rises in your stomach, know that there are many paths through the next cycle, so is the power of the human free will and the evolved human mind. For some the paths will recreate the patterns that form the blueprint for the gilded cages you’re so fond of. And for others, patterns will be forgotten, relinquished, in favour of a new design, one that forms the blueprint for desire.

We have much more to discuss.

Until tomorrow.




There is so much more to come! I suspect I will be in channel for most of the day pulling through messages, insights, perspectives, lessons, teachings, guidance, transmissions, meditations, and goodness knows what else.

I’m simply in service as your Priestess of Light. For those of you who desire to be “in the room” to receive the full transmission, please ensure you’re signed up within the next 24 hours!

>>> The Lionsgate Portal Transmission <<<

There are also some important updates I need to share with you:

Lionsgate now includes:

🦁 The Channeled Lionsgate Transmission

🦁 4 DAYS of follow up support & practical implementation guidance

🦁 An £88 voucher to use towards classes & courses at Ask Harriette


🦁 8 Exclusive Offers available only to Lionsgate attendees. These are the most generous of my career to date and include FIVE brand new offers I’ve yet to reveal anywhere!

🦁 8 people, selected at random, will be gifted with personalised channeled transmissions (this could transform your entire year (!!) … what are the chances of you winning it? Be mindful of your response to that Q 😉)


>>> Lionsgate is ready for you! Are you ready?! <<<


Love you!

Harriette x

p.s. please note Lionsgate is not included in The ONE or in the Masterclass pass as it is not a class or course, it is a transmission!