My Greatest Ambitions

A love note from my heart to yours….

I have ambitions

Ambitions and dreams which are bigger than me

Ambitions and dreams which frankly scare the crap out of me to even declare let alone pursue

But here we are… the Power of the Word… setting big dreams into motion and ambitions into actualisation

I’m a Revolutionary. A Pioneer. A Light.

 I want to see the coaching industry evolve. I want to the see the complete dissolution of ego, high school behaviour, sister wounding, healer wounding, manipulative marketing, spiritual bypassing, and trauma projection. I want to lead that revolution.

 I want to see our education systems for children evolve. I want the power of the word, of resource, of opportunity, and of energy to be returned to our children. I want to see them grow in a system which nurtures them, not shackles them. I want to lead that revolution.

 I want to see women especially returning to their innate energetic wisdom as their primary source for holistic health & healing. I want to see women moving away from intravenous toxins as “medicine” and instead re-learn to drink from Mama Earth. I want to lead that revolution.

 I want to see the financial structures of our world evolve. If the system won’t change and can’t be changed then I want to empower women to operate outside of it. I want to see female economies thrive, free from the matrix of injustice and suppression. I want to lead that revolution.

I have HUGE revolution energy in my bones, in my blood, and in my heart. 

I have HUGE ambitious imprinted on my Soul.

I came here to create lasting change and radical transformation.

I don’t do that by keeping those dreams to myself, or by playing small, by colouring inside the lines, and living below my means.

I do that by declaring and affirming my dreams in co-creation with the Universe.

I do it by showing up and playing a bigger game than ever before. 

 Problem is… the game that’s being played right now in the coaching industry is now too small for me. It’s pathetic. It’s money wins, trauma bonding and spiritual bypassing. It’s shallow AF. And if you know anything about me at all, you know one of the things I stand for in every area of life, and have done for years, is DEPTH.

I can teach biz strategy, and branding, and copy, and messaging. I can teach spiritual law & concepts, manifesting, and energetic principles. I can teach communication, relationships, sovereignty and self leadership. So can lots of other people.

 My USP… I go DEEPER than I believe anyone else can. And if I think there’s more DEPTHS to reach, I’ll go for it. Challenge accepted. My brain is yet to discover a depth it can’t reach. My soul is yet to discover a depth she can’t reach.

So I’m diving DEEPER and I’m creating an entire new realm for the “game”. One which will be the foundation for the evolution of this industry. 

Whilst everyone else is trying to climb higher and higher, I’m digging into the foundations to plant new seeds in the most fertile soil.

 This oak tree will take TIME to grow, but when you see it in all its glory, it’ll be the most magnificent anchor, the most magnificent home & shelter for those who reside within, the most magnificent network with the most abundant luscious green produce. And simultaneously the most humble, silent giant. A sacred servant, with roots where roots matter, forever surrendering to the seasons, to the cycles, and to the inevitability of death.

 I’m breaking away from the pack. For a time I’ll be a lone wolf. Strength and resilience will be my companions on this next stretch of my impact revolution journey.

It takes a lot of courage to stop following the “success formula”. It takes a lot of balls to say “I don’t buy what you’re selling anymore”. And it takes a fuck ton of Duality Mastery to simultaneously hold the bigger vision, say no to the bigger money, and move away from the safety and security of a proven formula (you all watched me blow up in 2022 but it didn’t have enough depth for me. 2023 is demanding more from me).

 This moment is all about Sovereignty. Which is why it’s the only energetic invitation I’m putting out there.

This time last year I’d already sold out a gazillion different containers, packages, programmes, all the things.

This year I’m saying no to the temptation. Instead I’m saying yes to the bigger ambition: Revolutionise the coaching industry. Lead it.

 Sovereignty as a word and concept has an interesting etymologic history. The translations I most relate to come from the Italian “sovrano” which refer to potent medicines of the highest degree. At the time of usage in the 14th century, these most potent medicines were medicines of Mama and of Mama Earth, i.e. the magic and energy of the woman, and the magic and energy of the Planet herself.

My Priestess Perspective of the word “Sovereign”, is an energetic invitation to return to Self & Source as our most powerful modality for potent healing & transformation.

 The revolution begins with a turning inward, away from herd mentality and into the loneness within.

This is what the Sovereign Reign Mastermind is all about… because when you break away from the pack… WHO ARE YOU?!

 I will push you to the limits of who you think you are (as I have myself), break you down (as I have myself), and support you in the rebuilding of your most Sovereign Self (as I have myself). 

A Sovereign being who cannot be tempted by glitter and material gain, who refuses to play someone else’s game, who is immune to following, knows only herself and her own leadership, whose innate intuition and wisdom trumps all projections, and whose capacity to receive comes from self-knowing, not from external strategy.

A Sovereign is a Revolutionary simply by BEing who she is. But of course this is only the initiation. There are DEPTHS to dive to.

A world of Sovereign women, is a world of PEACE.

>>> The Sovereign Reign Mastermind: A place for revolutionary self-transformation and leadership <<<

^^^ We begin Wednesday. 11 women in already. £4444 for 4 to 5 months. Price will go up to £5000 once we begin. Includes 2 x 1:1 sessions per month, one with me and one with Mia. Full details on the link above.

To your own ambitions 🥂

My love always