My Aquarian Mother

I’m of gypsy blood. Not that the rest of my family will acknowledge it. I was completely unaware until I was 19 years old and visiting my nana in her hospital as she was preparing to pass over. It was in her most apparently “senile” moments that nana used to talk to me of this gypsy magic she knew of but hadn’t passed on to her daughters… something she regretted as it became “too late”. My mum, aunties, cousins, all dismissed her chatter as nonsense, claiming she wasn’t properly conscious and was likely just repeating things off the TV, but I knew better.

The closer we get to the other side, the more conscious we become, and so this notion that my maternal bloodline carries gypsy magic stuck with me for years before I started to fully explore the innate gifts of my Divine Feminine.

Over the years, my very down-to-earth, practical, sometimes cynical, but always open-minded mother has become more and more interested in the magic. Just little things like wearing crystals, wanting to know more about them, listening to my ramblings on “what Source said”, and occasionally asking me to explain more about the deep secrets of the Universe. Until recently… instead of asking me about my downloads, she asked me if I’d like to hear her “downloads”.

Wide-eyed and excited I hung on to every single word.

My mother has always been highly intuitive, not that she’d ever admit it. She claims it to be “common sense”. I wish more people had “common sense” like hers! We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye either. She’s “anything for an easy life” whereas I’m a fighter for justice and will not back down from a fight that can be won for the greater higher good. We all have our roles in life. 

However, she does have something I don’t have…. a shit ton of Aquarian energy in her astrological chart, and it isn’t lost on me, that as the wheel turned and birthed the age of Aquarian at the end of 2020, after 8 years gestation, that all of a sudden, she’s starting to use her voice to bring her Aquarian mind to the forefront of the conversation. 

Let’s not get excited… she’s not about to appear on IG preaching to the masses about her forward-thinking concepts, ideas & insights… but proclaimed gypsy or not, she’s the mother of a Priestess, and you can bet your arse I’m channelling her Aquarian gold, and our gypsy bloodline through the work I’m delivering this year. 

Something magical happens to a woman when she’s reconnected with her lineage and her Soul family. I’ve witnessed it so many times in the containers I’ve created over the years, the most powerful of which is The Priestess Ring, born in March 2020. As the world spiralled into chaos, 10 beautiful women chose to rise and birth The Aquarian Age with me, through their work, their wombs, and the well of personal wisdom they’ve called from their own ancestral lines… all united as daughters of Magdalene. As 10 women, we continue to collectively grow, heal, learn and serve, and they will “officially” initiate as Priestesses later this year.

In the meantime, a more pressing call rises from the seed of my Gypsy Soul:

Women who are ready to take their businesses to the next level:

The Aquarian level, The Priestess Level, The ONLY Level required of female leaders.

? As the world spirals yet again, into even darker shadows, the call for women to rise even higher in the opposite direction to counter the Divine Balances, becomes even more urgent.

We must not wait. The Power of Your Presence is needed.

But we must also be willing to dive with those shadows, to go right into the depths of what keeps us attached to the unconscious world, to die, rebirth, and then rise, with speed… a personal wheel of our own which we must turn in record time.

Be under no illusion… this does not require hustle of any description. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ll be removing everything that doesn’t serve you so you can laser-focus on the work that needs to be done, and leave the rest behind you, rather than in front of you which is why you often trip up over it.

I’m calling on women to come learn with me the ways of the Priestess, tapping you directly into the “mind” of Source, whilst allowing me into your businesses to mastermind Aquarian pathways to your ever-increasing abundance, impact, and conscious-contribution to this world. 

Together we will cut the fat, cut the crap, remove all that does not serve you, clean up your energy, equip you with new Priestess skills, and hand you the gift of Divine Presence so you can be the Light this world so desperately needs.

? This is a 12 month container, with a laser-focused 3-month period over the summer where we will ensure you implement all you have learned and designed, for £21,000.

It is a hybrid of a business mastermind, Aquarian coaching, and Priestess training.

This is NOT the Priestess Ring, as you will not formally initiate as a Priestess despite acquiring lots of Priestess skills, but should you want to join the Priestess Ring in 2022 after working with me this year, we will give you back £20,000 towards your Priestess Ring payments (so you’ll have only paid £1000 for a whole year of masterminding, coaching, and training with me… you see how urgently we need women to step into those Priestess shoes? I’m paying for it!).

The reason I’m not initiating women this year is because we have a far more important focus: money. 

The end of the financial structure as we know it is in sight. The old ways don’t work anymore. There’s no such thing as job-security. Our governments won’t be able to hold us up for ever, and eventually we will all become financial free of any ties, and be completely financially independent. It’s the only way. I’d like to get as many of you to that place as possible, so should you decide to fully initiate as a Priestess in the following year, the money part will already be taken care of.

? You need money so you can make an even bigger impact.

? You need money so you can feel safe and secure in your work.

? You need money so you can fill your own cup before you fill the cup of others.

? You need money because you have a right and responsibility to it.

? You need money so you can CONSCIOUSLY contribute to this world in a way that makes a difference. Nothing is consciously contributed from a mind riddled with lack, scarcity, and financial fear.

The plus side of our crumbling financial structures is that grants, loans, credit and abundant support is readily available, making access to these containers even more accessible. 

Money aside, the call of the female leader grows stronger. If you didn’t jump in when last years spiral began, make sure you jump this year. Your personal spiral won’t end until take that leap of Self.

Come talk to me about your options and why you want to make this leap, plus ask all the Qs you inevitably have running around your head: >>> Chat with H <<<

Or, if you prefer, talk to Mia: >>> Chat with Mia <<<

Spaces obviously limited (to how many is unclear) but we trust and know we will come together as sisters in arms to raise the vibration of the Planet, and the magic that happens when women come together in this way… well… I can’t wait for you to experience it first hand!

My final thought…

I know this might seem crazy scary to do this now, especially when the world looks so uncertain, but let you remind you of some things that are certain:

? Your best investment is you

? As a woman, you have access to innate gifts that give you the “divine edge”

? When your heart calls you must listen

? If it’s Soul contracted, it’s inevitable anyway so don’t resist it

I can’t wait to meet you!

Love always



Posted on

January 5, 2021