Mothering. Mental Heath. Money.

Can we talk about mental health & mothering whilst running a business or holding down a job?

Mothering. Mental Heath. Money.

Probably three of the hardest things we navigate as women in our lifetime right? And quite often the three things we need to navigate all at the same time.

The juggle, the struggle, and the hustle can seem SO REAL, so hard to break free from, and even though we know “this too shall pass”, when we’re in the thick of it, it can bring us to our knees.

Add in a Full Moon, Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde & Uranus direct (that’s all this week FYI), and it’s no wonder sometimes we struggle to cope with the increasing demands laid upon us as mothers, business owners, breadwinners, bosses, and all the other labels we’ve picked up along the way.

BUT… we DO cope. Every single time we think we can’t get through something, we do.

We always reach that light at the end of the tunnel, and then inevitably fall into the next challenge, through which we struggle to cope, until we do cope, and eventually pop out the other side.

Wanna know what triggers the switch from “not coping” to “coping”?

You DO something. 

You finally decide after X amount of time struggling, that you’re done struggling and you’re going to DO something.

It seems random that one day you might just wake up and decide to be over the struggle and change your situation … but of course it’s never random! The chosen day or moment in time is simply a reflection of your energetic availability for struggle and a “less than” reality.

Some people have a really large bandwidth for struggle and “less than” experiences, as in they can go for months, even years, in the same situation without doing anything about it, and just deciding that this is simply how things are, and struggle is just how life is… praying and hoping that one day it will change, but never actually doing anything about it, because it’s kinda comfortable staying in the realm of the “this is what I know to be true”, even if that truth isn’t what lights your Soul up.

Other people have a much smaller bandwidth for struggle, and will only sit in something uncomfortable for a few days or weeks before they decide to take action and break free of the “comfort zone” which is actually really fucking uncomfortable, because it’s basically a flat line on your entire existence and Soul fulfilment. Eurgh.

Thing is, you get to choose your energetic bandwidth… you get to choose when you’re done being stuck in a reality that doesn’t light up your Soul. After all it’s not good for your mental health, it’s not good for your money, and it’s certainly not good for those who call you mama.

The choosing is in the doing, or rather the deciding who you are and what you want, and taking action from that place.

You can wait to take that action, or you can do it today.

It is quite simply your choice to decide and determine when you’re flicking the switch from not coping to coping, from struggling to thriving, from uncomfortable comfort zone to uncomfortable expansive zone.

All these things you’re juggling, this life you’re navigating…. no it’s not meant to be easy 100% of the time. Yes change is uncomfortable, but so is staying stuck in the struggle. So, you can choose uncomfortable comfort zone where nothing changes and you hate the situations you find yourself in, OR you can choose uncomfortable leap into something new, into a place which maybe just maybe lights up your Soul, sets you free, and has you fully filled up… until the next challenge of course, because life is an evolution not a plateau. It requires consistent Queening.

Now there’s one major caveat here… when you’re in the thick of it… mothering, mental health struggles, and money shit… the decision and the route out isn’t always obvious or clear, and even trying to find it can add unnecessary overwhelm to your plate. 

Mama I got you… this is why I’m running Mama Queen next week on Tuesday!

I know that place. That place of being on your knees, breathing through each moment, praying that some how the money will materialise, the baby will sleep through the night, that the feeling of impending nervous breakdown will just miraculously go away.

I’m 2 children in to life, multiple businesses in to life, and also 8 figures in to life… I’ve navigated a LOT. I’ve shrunk my energetic bandwidth for struggle considerably. I have tools, knowledge, understanding, and Divine insights into the energy of a Mama Queen, and Queening period.

The foundation of my Queening still stands as the truth I teach in my Command Your Queendom Masterclass. That foundation then takes us to new depths in the Comeback Queen, which is then built on further in Mama Queen (being taught live next Tuesday).

The next two classes in the Queendom Collection are already downloading in to me:

The Sovereign Reign


Money Queen !!!

Oh yes, this year is a year for powerful motherfucking QUEENING.

Mothering two children (age 3 and 6 months), running multiple 6 and & 7 figure businesses, and having generated 8 figures in my business career so far, has taught me a LOT about Queen energy, and all the different feminine archetypes we can (and need to) tap into as Queens.

The Queendom Collection is a series of 12 Queen masterclasses delivered over the 12 months of 2022, with immediate access to Command Your Queendom and the Comeback Queen, plus Mama Queen next Tuesday, and 9 more to follow. You have lifetime access to all 12 masterclasses forever, for £2000 (payment plans available).

I don’t know where you’re at in life right now Ellie. I’d love to know… hit reply or come say hi on Instagram, but if you’re in a place where more Queening would benefit TF out of everything you’re currently navigating, what say you to spending a year Queening with me at your side?

Not sure if The Queendom Collection is the right place for you? Get in touch with the team! Hit reply to this email (Ally will receive it, she’s a beaut), or reach out on Facebook or Instagram, where you’ll inevitably end up chatting with me, Mia, Clare or Chloe. There’s also Ella on our Queen team but she tends to be busy managing the tech side!

Mama… it takes a village. Ain’t that the truth?! Who are you choosing to support you this year?

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My love always