More than Angel Numbers!

My first masterclass of 2023 — Receptive Numerology is complete! You can still join us here!

Receptive Numerology is different to anything I’ve ever taught on the topic before — which is exactly why no matter how experienced you are with Numerology, even if you’ve taken some of my courses on it before, there’s new information and a new nuance to it in this masterclass!

Receptive Numerology has become a HUGE theme in life recently. It’s so different from Priestess Numerology, which is used as an analytical tool for decoding birth charts, source messages and healing. I’m still talking about the same energies and frequencies in Receptive Numerology, BUT, in this space, we use numerology in a very specific way that aids receiving. 

The depth of this concept goes way way waayyyyy beyond Angel Numbers — I’m not knocking angel numbers, but they are generic and they are broad. Too broad for the individual to discern any kind of tangible or practical knowledge from. Recurring 8’s will mean something different to me than they do to you. They can also mean something different to you at different stages throughout your life, depending on what’s currently playing out. Angel Numbers are nice to know and fun to play with, they can make you feel cute and loved and seen, but they don’t give you the actual personalised Source and Soul connection that Receptive Numerology can! The kind of stuff that translates into actual, physical, real world action and decision making that blows your receptivity wide open!

Numerology is an actual science that has been somewhat infantilised by too much bullshit on the interwebs, and I’m not cool with tools that have the power to unlock your power being stripped of their depth and authentic servitude. And so we masterclass!!

With this class, I want to help you dissolve the ego crap that stands between you and your connection to Source and Soul so you can actually hear your unfiltered, unapologetic, raw truth and understand the guidance that is coming to you straight from the Universe.

Ready to learn this language with me?

My love always,

Harriette x