More than a membership


6 months ago – Ask H conceived. If I’m being honest, this happens weekly, if not daily, but this particular conception in October 2019 was different.


I’ve helped hundreds of people awaken spiritually, tap into levels of abundance they never thought possible, heal their relationship with their soul and align with their soul’s destiny, birth businesses of dreams and grow them to exponential levels of selfless service, and countless other miracles over the last 3 years.


But I wanted more, I wanted to help thousands – tens of thousands. And I wanted to do it in the most accessible, “HELL YES” way I possibly could.


So I called a team meeting, we floated all kinds of crazy ideas around, each one of them slowly becoming fertilised by my burning desire.


The School of Mastery was born. 


We had created a way I could deliver my insanely successful coaching, my Priestess healings and teachings AND share the expertise of my entire team, PLUS fellow industry pioneers all in one place, all at the same time…. For £29 a month.


I still can’t believe I get to say that! This baby has been growing for 6 months now, and it’s developed into so much more than I could ever imagine.


It’s not just a monthly membership in an online ocean of subscriptions

It’s not just a place to learn and practice new skills

It’s so much more than life mastery


It’s a family. 


Its students don’t simply turn up to class and then disappear again, they’ve made soul connections that will last a lifetime. They’ve found themselves in a community of people who have their backs no matter what. Who will hold them accountable when they can’t hold themselves. Who willingly act as a sounding board for their natural, human, ego meltdowns – and then lovingly pull them out the other side.


The School of Mastery has become a home. To everyone that needed to not only be in my energy, but in each other’s. A place to come and be abundantly supported by people who GET IT. Whether you’re crying or celebrating, screaming or rejoicing – our home of consciousness has a room for you.


I thought I was creating a way to access the best parts of my teachings for a universally affordable price. What I’ve actually created has expanded my heart to bursting point.


So yes, come for the teachings. Come for the lessons in mastering abundance, business, relationships, sex, money, soul-self, transformation, intuition, emotion, authenticity, identity, self-love and karma.


Come for the Priestess Presence. For the genius of my team and for the insights of industry legends like Chris Harder and Amanda Frances.


But come for more than that. Come home.


Come back to the family you didn’t know you had, and let’s travel through life mastery together.


We’re waiting here.

>>> School of Mastery is open for enrolment here <<<

My love always



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April 8, 2020