Money Wants to Help, Support and Love You

This statement can be said of so many things, and yet 99% of us are resistant to receiving the help, love and support we desire and deserve. 

We’ve been raised in a world where it’s deemed unsafe to have everything you want without consequence, or even unrealistic and improbable to have everything we want without some kind of negative trade off. 

We’ll subscribe to a happy marriage but then accept health battles as our trade off. 

We’ll subscribe to a part-time laptop life-style and business, but then deem a financial ceiling as an acceptable limit on what’s possible.

For some of us, and I can speak to this personally from very recent experience, we’ll overcome most of the self-sabotaging hurdles to achieve EVERYTHING that we desire in life, to hold it only for a moment before we begin to dismantle it ourselves, for fear of the wheels falling off without our input. 

The fear of losing it all, having it all taken away from us, or even being punished for having more than most is something we all have innately ingrained at our core. That’s the bad news. The good news is that core beliefs can be undone and replaced. Core beliefs for the most part are inherited or received through the projection of others without our conscious knowledge. Once we acquire the conscious knowledge that they do exist, we cam begin to shift and rearrange them. 


Money, like all energy in the Universe, (because energy IS the Universe), wants to help, love and support you. 

You were not born into a cruel world of hierarchy – that is yet another Patriarchal construct built on nothing other than nonsense.

The air you breathe, the love you receive, the vibes that guide, the mirrors that reveal what you try to hide… are all forms of energy here to serve and support you as you honour the Universal Laws and fulfil your Soul purpose.

Money is no different. It is an extension of Universal love and guidance, here to

facilitate and support you.

Of course we’re taught quite differently in order to support the Patriarchal mission of hierarchy and superiority, but you don’t have to believe. You get to CHOOSE to believe, think and decide differently. 

Imagine that what I’m saying is really true, that money, as a form of energy, really does WANT to come to you to support you. How would you think and behave differently?

Would you continue to hoard what you have in savings accounts for fear of the rainy day?
Would you continue to chase it with desperation and frustration for fear it’ll never come to you if you don’t keep hustling?
Would you hold off investing in your self development and in your business for fear of not being sensible with money?

Of course not, you wouldn’t do anything of the sort!

So look at your money behaviours right now and consider where you have a fear-based relationship instead of a loving relationship. 

And then ask yourself, if I knew money loved me and wanted to support me, how would my relationship with it change?

More tomorrow!

My love always, 

Harriette x