Money Mindset Q&A (some awesome tips in here)

Money Mindset Q&A (some awesome tips in here)

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You may have heard… enrolment for the Money Mindset System online is course is OPEN!

I’ve had a few awesome questions from people privately and wanted to share my answers with all of you:


I’m watching your Desire Decide Done Mini Money Bootcamp, and what I think I’m understanding is that we don’t necessarily have to ‘work’ in order to receive money? Is that correct?

Answer (from me):

Essentially yes! The idea that we have to work in order to receive money is just an illusion.

It is a construct created by the Patriarchy as a control technique. But money is just energy so that belief we’ve all held for so long is actually metaphysically impossible. It’s simply not true.

Now of course, energy exchange IS true so ONE of the ways for us to receive money is to of course work for it. But we can also work on ourselves (instead of on or for someone else) and still receive that abundance. There are many other ways for money to manifest in our lives. We are all deserving of abundant and financial support. 

If you are familiar with my Universal Laws class you will know about the Incarnation Intentions. The second intention tells us that we are here to contribute. The more we contribute the more abundance we receive.

BUT, that contribution can be to our own energetic emission, rather than to a job or a to do list. When we fill our own vessel, and rise up, others around us are called to do the same, and this in and of itself is a huge service, and therefore a contribution. 

If you believe you are contributing, you can believe, and therefore receive the Abundance. 


You talk about spending money to get the abundance flow going again, but doesn’t that spending have to be on specific things? I can’t just buy a new pair of shoes?

Answer (from me):

Well actually you can. But it’s less about WHAT you buy, and more about your intention and energy behind the purchase.

The Law of Abundance (from my Universal Laws class) states that when we spend in alignment with our greatest highest good, that investment comes back to us ten fold. The key piece here is our ‘greatest highest good’.

For me personally that spending started out as investing in coaches, courses and self-development. From there it escalated into paying for hired help, and then luxurious holidays, and then private health care, and whatever else I desired to make me feel good, because I realised the more I fill myself up, the more energy I have to serve, and the more I serve, the greater impact I make, and the greater impact I make, the more I’m contributing, and the more I contribute, the more I receive, and so I get to invest in myself again and again and again. Ultimately now I exist in an effortless cycle of earning more, spending more, saving more, and investing more. The Law of Expansion (from my Universal Laws class) is working for me, not against me. 

SO, if investing in a new pair of shoes is going to genuinely fill up your vessel so you can serve and contribute at a higher level, then do it!

If investing in a coach or course is going to genuinely fill up your vessel so you can serve and contribute at a higher level, then do it! We all have different desires and that’s completely OK. If you desire more knowledge, guidance and support, then invest in it, safe in the knowledge that the investment will come back to you tenfold. If you desire more shoes, and you can make that purchase without a single ounce of guilt, panic, anxiety, or fear, then do it!

The energy you make that purchase with is crucial. If you get excited nerve wracking butterflies and that giddy sick feeling, you’re good. If you get a surge of ‘feel good’ feelings, you’re good. If you’ve got a no brainer attitude of ‘well obviously this gets to work out for my greatest highest good’, then you’re good. 

But any kind of contractive energy, or anything from your Soul which is telling you this is NOT a good idea, you should listen to, and put away the plastic!

If investing in something is new for you, and feels like a big leap, here’s a little tip for you:

As you fill in your card details and make that purchase, say out loud, “I know and trust that this investment is for my greatest highest good and the money will come back to me tenfold”. Then relax because the Universe has your back!


I really want your Money Mindset System but I don’t have a job so currently my only income is tax credits. Is this course for me and do you have any tips to help me manifest the money?

Answer (from me):

OK, I am NOT going to sell the Money Mindset System to anyone who would suffer financial jeopardy as a result of purchasing this programme. I am NOT a sleazy internet marketer and my intention is to create abundance for everyone, not more lack!

I hear bullshit excuses all the time when it comes to affordability, and I lovingly recognise these as your ego having a little freak out because investing in yourself isn’t within your comfort zone at the moment. That comfort zone soon expands into being able to invest regularly, and regularly receiving the abundance to match. Most of the time, it just requires a big deep breath, a positive affirmation, and a click of a button to make the magic happen. 

However, if you genuinely don’t have any credit lines open to you, I would never advise dipping into a limited cash resource which is designated for the payment of meeting basic needs such as food and basic household bills. I would never want anyone to go without food in order to purchase the MMS. I also don’t believe anyone would make that choice. The human survival instinct wouldn’t allow it. 

If you truly desire to take the MMS then your Soul is open and willing to make that investment, it’s just your ego who is blocking you. I quite often hear people telling me they can’t get credit, and then later reveal to me they never even tried. They never asked for help. Asking for help can be part of your initiation into the next chapter of your life. 

I often tell a story about one of my first ever mastermind clients, back in the day when my mastermind fees were only £4,444!! This one particular lady, who is now quite literally my Soul Sister, was adamant she wanted to do my mastermind, but she told me repeatedly she couldn’t afford it, and she couldn’t understand how she was supposed to get the money. I understand the energy of desire. And I recognise desire. So I know when we want something, when we desire it, we get to have it. All I needed to do was push this lady to look past her ego. After a few probing conversations it was revealed one of her family members was more than willing to help her with this investment, and desired to help her, but she had previously been refusing the help because she felt like she was supposed to do it on her own.  

That’s not how abundance works!! We don’t get to choose how it comes into our lives. We simply get to receive it. But sometimes we need to get past our ego, and be willing to ask for and receive help.

This can be help from a family member, a scratch card, a bank loan, a credit card, a tax refund, or any kind of refund for that matter, a reward for a good deed… the list is endless. If you desire it, you deserve it.

But be honest with yourself… are you asking for and actively seeking that abundant support? Or have you exhausted all your options and an investment would put you into financial jeopardy? If the latter is the case, I would recommend doing one of my cheaper programmes and work towards enrolling in the Money Mindset System next year instead. 

Check out The Universal Laws Class, The Law of Abundance Bundle , and The Desire Decide Done Mini Money Bootcamp


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January 17, 2019