Bending Reality

This week I wanted to write in more detail about the power of the mind and how we can use it to shape our own reality.

It’s often the case that the times we most need to use our minds to bend our reality, are the exact times in which we lose our minds completely.

Bad news, loss, nasty surprises, betrayal, illness, stress, pressure… just a few of the one million and one things that can set us off on a nasty downward spiral. Have you ever noticed that bad luck comes in threes but when you’re on a lucky streak… it’s endless?

This happens for two reasons:

  1. We are conditioned by the cliche ‘bad luck always comes in threes’ and so manifest the reality without even realising what we’re doing.
  2. Like attracts like. When we react to a negative situation with negative emotions, we are emitting a vibrational signal and inviting more of the same into our lives. In theory a bad luck streak could be as endless as a good luck streak, however a sense of relief always seems to arrive with strike number 3, as we subscribe to the cliche. It is this shift in our emotions which causes an upward curve towards positivity in our emotional trajectory. It is this increase in positive emotions that pulls us out of the negative spiral.

But how about we consider the fact that cliches are exactly that… bullshit and old wives tales.

How about we consider that if our emotions really can control our environment, then perhaps in controlling our emotions, we can bend our reality?

We are so easily influenced by the emotions of others and absorb these emotions into our day.

Say for example you’re in the checkout queue at the supermarket, you’ve had a fantastic day, you’re in a great mood, and the the checkout girl gives you a dirty look, snatches your items off you, and barks the total amount at you. Her anger is invasive and all of a sudden you leave the store feeling annoyed, or bummed out, or even angry. Some of us are more susceptible than others.

The trick is to be aware of your emotions at all times. If you realise someone’s energy isn’t matching yours, which 9 times out of 10 it isn’t, then build an imaginary wall or bubble around yourself and make a conscious effort to not allow those energy waves they are emitting, to affect you. It’s actually easier to send a counter wave back than it is to just block energies and emotions. When I find myself in these situations, I choose to radiate love and compassion. I choose to remember that this person’s bad day isn’t my bad day, and that in treating all other human beings with the same love and compassion I wish to receive, I will indeed be in far greater receipt of abundance. I have noticed that when I do this, I can often switch someones mood around, and even bring a smile to their face.

Compliment someone as you hide the desire to punch them in the face. The results are remarkable!

In doing this it isn’t just good feeling we manifest in to our lives. Everything on a positive vibration is brought to us, including opportunity, people, circumstance, abundance, and cash… yes cash has a positive vibration. You won’t have much of it if you don’t vibrate on that level. Appreciate, respect, and even compliment every cent that passes through your life, both in giving and receiving, you will be amazed how much more begins to flow toward you!

What do you want your reality to be?

Consider that your very vibration can manifest this. I doubt we will need Einstein to figure out how positive your vibration needs to be exactly!

Wishing you a positive and abundant weekend.

With love as ever,

Harriette x


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November 18, 2016